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Teacher Collection

Teachers are vital in the war against Covid-19 and digital misinformation

Via Afrika Group Knowledge Manager Micheal Goodman-Mareme talks what teachers can do about the spread of factually incorrect information.

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Coronavirus: How teachers can manage health and safety at schools now

We compiled a list of tips to help teachers do their bit to prevent coronavirus exposure in schools.

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Mathematical thinking begins in the early years with dialogue and real-world exploration

It’s natural to think that mathematics is primarily about numbers. In school, we first learn how to recite numbers and then spend considerable time writing them down and manipulating them on paper.

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PRINTABLE | CORONAVIRUS: Handwashing steps for young children and teens

We've made two posters available for parents and teachers to download and print. They're great visual reminders to encourage thorough handwashing which experts say is one of the best ways to prevent coronavirus.

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Who is Generation Alpha? Here's everything you need to know about them

The Alpha Generation, those children who were born from 2010, started school three years ago. This generation will face the much prophesied 2030 joblessness catastrophe

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Humans vs AI Machines in the workplace – getting to the win-win

I think it is worth coming to a shared understanding of what artificial intelligence is. We can say that any machine that is able to sense its environment and take actions that increase its chances of success in achieving its goals has artificial intelligence.

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Why are teachers essential to children’s well-being?

"Many teachers do not feel supported, cared for or have a sense of emotional well-being themselves. This perhaps is where we need to start shifting our attention to." We speak to Kate Rowe of emotionalwellness.co.za.

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WATCH: South African teaches his South Korean students the gumboot dance

South African teacher Thembinkosi Tera Mkonko shared this video of him teaching his South Korean students the infamous gumboot dance.

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Is rote learning really so bad? (And how to do it well)

Via Afrika Group's Knowledge Manager Micheal Goodman-Mareme talks about one of the hottest topics in education: rote learning and what it means for you as a teacher.

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Learnings from an edtech show

Via Afrika Group's Knowledge Manager Micheal Goodman-Mareme shares the insights he picked up after attending the annual BETT Show, an annual event that showcases the latest in educational technology.

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Personalisation in education: myth or reality?

From the media and popular cultural representation, it would seem that the personalisation of education for each learner is the ultimate goal that must be achieved.

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The beliefs of highly effective teachers

What would it mean for a teacher to believe this about her learners? Well, first off, it means that she believes that her learners did not wake up that morning and consciously decided not to be successful or to be naughty or any other negative thing

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Multitasking or fooling yourself? Part 2

Let’s see what happens when we switch tasks while using technology.

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Multitasking or fooling yourself? Part 1

Each time our brain switches from one thing to the other there are two costs that lead to a drop in our performance of the tasks.

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Your choice: Fight and flight or rest and digest?

Our brains and bodies were designed to effectively deal with any dangers that could surprise us.

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Preparing learners for jobs that don’t exist

Technology is likely to create 4.5 million new jobs in South Africa by 2030.

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Is rewiring the brain a bad thing?

Our brain is not just a single lump but rather a huge number – possibly 100 billion or so neurons.

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South Africa must up its game and produce more teachers

South Africa doesn’t graduate the adequate number of teachers to meet the supply and demand.

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Born before technology? Or a technophobe?

‘Yes, that’s me! A technophobe born before technology – there is no way I can use digital technology in my classroom!’

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The 4IR – Run? Hide? Teach?

Via Afrika Group's Knowledge Manager Micheal Goodman-Mareme talks about the hottest topic in education: the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR as it is called) and what it means for you as a teacher.
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