Tertiary education



Passed matric? 5 ways you can fund your own university fees

Quality education is an investment that doesn’t come cheap. Not everyone has the privilege of being awarded a scholarship or is from a well-off family.

Tertiary education

Too hungry to go to class: South Africa's university students need better support

The South African university student population has changed over the past 20 years to reflect wider society more closely than before.

Tertiary education

What are my child's career options if they don't finish high school?

We all know someone whose teenager failed matric or didn't finish school, and feel helpless about their future. Well, there's help! Here's a round-up of great non-academic learning options in South Africa.

Tertiary education

Student hunger at South African universities needs more attention

"The lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food – at South African tertiary institutions show an alarming picture that mirrors the social divisions bedevilling the country".

Tertiary education

Copyright bill will make cost of studying cheaper

The adoption of fair use outlined in the pending Copyright Amendment Bill has long been endorsed by a number of public interest organisations. But the bill has been waiting for the president to sign it into law since at least April.

Tertiary education

Five years in jail for lying on your CV: just don't do it

An update to the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act 12 of 2019 now means that claiming you have a qualification you don't actually have can land you in jail.

Tertiary education

5 tips for tertiary students to avoid burnout

Ryan a researcher specialising in identifying strategies to help college students get through their first year of college lays out the ways you can avoid colege burnout.


Former student on paying back study loan - 'I chose to do domestic work'

This accountant decided to take up domestic work while she was still studying to pay off her student loan.

Tertiary education

How South Africa’s universities are making more students multilingual

Universities are becoming increasingly aware that they have an important role to play in equipping students to be linguistically competent to work in sectors of society where the majority of people who access services can’t speak English.

Tertiary education

Matrics, here are the admission dates and open days for SA's varsities

If you have your eye set on studying next year, it's best to apply as early as possible. Here are the application closing dates, plus some open days to pencil in.

Tertiary education

7 tips to stay safe while studying abroad

Regardless of the destination, students should exercise caution as they travel and study. Here are seven useful tips to make sure time spent abroad is happy, productive and safe.

Tertiary education

Studying in the States: A step-by-step guide

From the inside scoop on what universities are looking for down to the application process itself, here's everything you need to know before you book your one-way ticket to study in the States.

Tertiary education

"What's one thing you wish you knew before starting university?" – Students respond

From lack of printers to lack of sleep, students share some of the things they wish they knew before starting university.

Tertiary education

Your ultimate university guide

Feeling anxious about starting university? Totally understandable! Not to worry though, we're here to help you through this exciting new chapter.

Tertiary education

University expectations vs. reality

Take it from someone who's been through it all, the university experience may be a little different than you thought...

Tertiary education

Extended courses and lecturers who care can help ensure no student gets left behind

In a recently published collection of articles titled 'Teaching in Extended Programmes in South Africa', it is revealed that lecturers at tertiary institutions really do make students the centre of their teaching practice.

Tertiary education

What if I don’t get into my dream institution or course?

Don't freak out! We've compiled a few useful tips on what to do after that first rejection letter.

Tertiary education

Bursaries, scholarships & loans: Here's how to fund your studies

Find the contact details for South Africa's tertiary institutions' finance offices, plus websites where you can find more on bursaries and student loans.

Tertiary education

What SA’s matric pass rate means for universities

In 2018, out of a total of 270 516 mathematics writers, 37% passed with 40% and above. And those who start university and come in with a National Senior Certificate mathematics mark of 90% and above are more likely to pass a university course, usually with an average mean of 64%, if they're lucky. So although strengthening the pool of students will require efforts at primary and secondary level, the onus for growing the pool of qualified graduates lies with higher education.

Tertiary education

Is multilinguism the silver bullet in SA varsities, or does it in fact create elitism?

It is a beautiful ideal that our Constitution provides for education in each of our official languages. But if the government doesn't provide funding to properly see this through, it may end up excluding minority groups – again. Dr Dioné Harley explains.

Tertiary education

"I’ve always been a dreamer": 19-year-old Syrian student goes from pipe dream to studying at the University of Cambridge

Whether parent or learner, exam time is stressful. One Syrian student is proving that no matter what your circumstances are, hard work and determination really does pay off.
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