Reader's Letters: Studying abroad as a South African
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The #feesmustfall protests, slight drop in university rankings and overall climate in South Africa may have made some parents reluctant to send their children to South African universities. But is studying overseas a viable option? 

One of our readers Ernest Scholtz said: " His choosing to study overseas in Germany, after a presentation at school, Even if he isn't a parent yet studying in Germany will be very affordable, costing about 1000 euros a month (R15392.78)".

Another reader, Carel Boshoff said: " Sending his child to go study overseas was the best decision he has ever made,

The rest of the civilized world does not recognize our grades any longer and we will learn that any changes to our ciriculum will degrade our degrees further.

Our schools does not produce people of a standard that can successfully obtain any meaningful degrees. Education is poorly funded and where it is needed most, it is least provided.

I admit that my opinion might be over simplified and is not relevant to all students, or race groups. The results produced by constant study disruptions will inevitably produce sub standard graduates that will need consultants to support them to be of any value.

As far as affordability is concerned, studying abroad is slightly more costly, and traveling to and from SA ads to the cost.Peace of mind and universal recognized education is however priceless, added Mr. Boshoff". 

Elize Ellis reckons "there are no future for students in South Africa".

While Carrin said" Her sister who is a first year student at WITS, studying architecture. Is pretty fed up and has seriously been looking into finishing her degree in the UK. We qualify for an ancestral visa. She has been in contact with quite a few universities there.

There seems to be a lot of bursaries and student funding available for foreign students.

She just has to pay on average £100 (R1784.54) every application. They've looked at her results from this year and they're happy with what they see. The universities have given her a list of companies to approach. \

The companies will assist with funding on condition of her working for them. It's a win-win. She will be able to stay with my other sister. She has not made any decisions yet. But it's good to know that the option is definitely there!" 

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