Adorable little boy isn’t pleased with his mom’s engagement
This adorable little tot was slightly underwhelmed by the news of his mom’s engagement.

This adorable little tot was slightly underwhelmed by the news of his mom’s engagement, insisting he wanted to marry her instead.

Jasmine Brannan, from Illinois, US, was excited to share the news of her engagement with her son, Asher, after her boyfriend of five months, Ian Faulkner, got down on one knee.

Sure that Asher would be delighted by the news, Jasmine was left in awe by the four-year-old’s stern – but rather adorable – objections to the engagement.

"After Ian proposed, we had about ten minutes before Asher came crashing in asking questions.

"My [step] mum started recording, because – knowing Asher – she was sure he'd have something hilarious come out of his mouth,” says Jasmine.

After explaining the significance of the rock on her finger, little Asher still remained in a state of denial and insisted the engagement only meant keeping the ring on ‘all night’.

When the little lad heard the ring meant Ian wanted to marry his mom, Asher sweetly suggested his mother marry him instead.

“I'm going to marry my mommy, you won’t,” Asher told his soon-to-be stepdad.

Not surprised at her son’s hilarious outburst, Jasmine describes her son as a charismatic little boy.

"Asher’s a charismatic, charming mommy's boy – he's the class clown but also wears his heart on his sleeve,

"Asher’s always been a mommy's boy, I expected a reaction like this out of him, and he becomes very territorial over me.

"He's my best friend and he knows it.

"Asher’s still convinced I'll change my mind and marry him instead,” says the bride-to-be.

Jasmine says Asher’s obsession with marriage came after his father tied the knot back in November.

Despite his reaction, she says Asher still loves his soon-to-be stepdad very much.

"Asher loves Ian and the first time he told him so, it was a very sweet moment,” says Jasmine.

"Ian’s helped the kids bake bread, spell their names and he’s stepped in and helped in the everyday role of being a male figure that Asher lacked and Asher loves him for it.

"I've always thought he was the funniest kid around and it's incredible to see others also witness what a little joy he is.”

Source: Magazine Features


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