Is this woman faking her pregnancy?
The mother-to-be says that she’s constantly heckled by strangers on the street asking her if she’s anorexic or faking her pregnancy
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A teen from South Carolina, US, has sparked controversy after posting pics of her barely-there baby bump.

Reanna Stephens (18) is already five months pregnant, but her small baby bump has led to trolls accusing her of faking her pregnancy, reported The Sun.

The mother-to-be says that she’s constantly heckled by strangers on the street asking her if she’s anorexic or faking her pregnancy.

“I’ve had people stopping me in the street and giving me nasty looks.

“It’s heartbreaking that instead of getting, ‘Aw, look at your bump!’ I get people being rude to me as soon as they realise how far along I am.

“People have asked me, ‘You’re not faking your pregnancy are you?’, and ‘Are you sure your baby is healthy?’ as well as people telling me I need to eat more and see a doctor in case I starve my child.”

The student defended her reputation by clarifying that her strict vegan diet and active lifestyle have helped her maintain her figure.

Reanna has been an athlete all her life: “I’ve done mixed martial arts for six years, including boxing, kickboxing, jujitsu, circuit training and weight training along with yoga and cardio.

“Now I only do yoga and cardio, but this is part of the reason for my slender physique.

“I also follow a vegan diet, so I don’t eat any animal products, and avoid unhealthy foods such as fizzy drink, sweets and junk food,” she added.

The Ohio student complained that the comments are having a negative effect on her.

“People really affect me with their comments, I try to stay calm as I know both me and my baby are healthy.

“My baby is growing the perfect amount every month as it’s measured, just like everyone else’s, so it’s absolutely nothing to do with my or my baby’s health,” she said.

Reanna has started sharing her experience with other expectant mothers with naturally small bumps, according to Daily Mail.

After comparing her pregnancy to other pregnant women on various parenting pages on Facebook she realised her baby bump isn’t as big as those of other moms-to-be.

“But I love my small bump. It’s not big, but I think it’s perfect in its own way and it’s my body and my bump – no one else’s.”


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