Meet the four-year-old who swapped his soccer boots for ballet slippers
A four-year-old boy who has chosen ballet over soccer is wowing his teachers with his incredible dancing skills – and has become an ambassador for his dance class.

A four-year-old boy who has chosen ballet over soccer is wowing his teachers with his incredible dancing skills – and has become an ambassador for his dance class.

Alexander McGinley from Swansea in South Wales loves everything pink and always dons his favourite tutu when he perfects his moves in ballet class.

He’s the only boy in his dance class but with his perfectly-executed pirouettes Alex gives the little girls a run for their money. He’s even encouraged more boys to sign up for ballet.

Proud parents Kate (33) and Clark (45) say they’ve embraced their son’s passion and believe that being more accepting teaches children to be better people.

“Alex has kind of become an ambassador for the ballet classes. Other boys have come to try it to see if it’s for them and Alex has welcomed them in and shown them how fun it can be,” says the proud mom.

“Since he was 18 months old he has loved to dance and to perform.

“From the moment he could stand, whenever he saw dancers on the television he’d watch them closely and do exactly what they were doing, going as far as to look down the line of his leg and making sure he points his toes.

“It’s like he’s done it before. He doesn’t have any other hobbies. He likes to dress up in mermaid or princess outfits, but his life is dancing and ballet – he’d do it all day if he could.”

Alexander McGinley

Determined Alex has been attending ballet classes at Tiny Toes Ballet for two years.

But while he loves to dress up and play in pink, ballet tutor and founder of Tiny Toes, Emma Morgan, says the youngster takes his dancing very seriously.

“Alex is unique because most boys who come to ballet just want to do jumps and leap around and have fun, but Alex is so determined to perfect every move. He loves to listen and watch the technique of each move and meticulously practices it until he gets it right. He’s such a fantastic little dancer,” Emma said.

Kate has praised the ballet school for their warm and welcoming approach, which has helped the perfectionist tot to hone his skill.

“He always has been one of the most talented dancers in the class I think just because he enjoys it so much and he’s such a perfectionist – it’s like it’s in his soul.

“If he hadn’t had the relaxed atmosphere and reassuring approach they take at Tiny Toes I don’t think he’d be as good as he is now.”

But the confident youngster also has his parents to thank for their wonderfully supportive attitude.

Kate says that embracing Alex’s passion for dance was part of a wider view that children should be able to break free from typical gender stereotypes.

Alexander McGinley

“Both my husband and I have embraced it completely because we wanted him to find something he loved to do and this is part of who he is,” Kate said.

“I want the children of the next generation to be exactly who they want to be without fear of bullying, shame or discrimination.

“Men and women should be encouraged to follow the career paths that they want to from a young age, so that boys feel they can express their emotions and girls feel strong-minded and confident enough to go after whatever they want.

“Gender stereotypes are just completely made up by society and I really hope that by doing something like this with Alex that other young people can feel more confident to be exactly who they are.”

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