Overweight family worked out together and look at them now!
The staggering before-and-after pictures show how the family dramatically slimmed down.
PHOTO: Instagram/@xyjesse

This once-overweight family kicked off their 2018 with a bang, having managed in just six months to get rid of their extra baggage – literally!

Photographer Jesse, from China, decided to challenge his wife, a new mom, and parents to take on a fitness regime to help motivate him to lose his burgeoning beer belly.

According to The Sun, Jesse came up with the idea when his mom temporarily moved in with him and his wife to help out ahead of the arrival of their newborn.  

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Realising it could be a perfect way to bond with his parents, the 31-year-old then invited his dad, who at the time ran a small bamboo company, to stay with them too. 

To keep the family motivated and on track with their weight-loss journey, Jesse documented the progress every 10 days by taking transformation snaps – and the results are amazing!

As weeks passed the family went from brisk walking to jogging and then finally joined their local gym, reports Metro News.

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The staggering before-and-after pictures show how the family dramatically slimmed down, seeing the men turning their bulging bellies into picture-perfect six-packs.

But it’s not the weight loss that Jesse appreciates the most. He told Bored Panda that exercising has brought the family closer together.  

Jesse’s dad, who could now easily pass as his brother, feels healthy and confident in his new and improved bod. 

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The now-fit family have vowed to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Sources: metro.co.uk, thesun.co.uk, boredpanda.com


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