PICS: Mom uses cardboard cut-out of herself to trick crying toddler
This is one smart mom!
Fuki Sato. (Photo: Twitter/@sato_nezi)

This is one smart mom!

After noticing that her one-year-old son would cry whenever she left the room, Fuki Sato and her husband, Neji, from Japan decided to create a life-size printout of her to place all over their house to put their son at ease, Daily Mail reports

Neji has posted pictures on Twitter of their little boy being tricked.

“It’s hard because my one-year-old will cry as soon as his mom disappears from sight,” Neji captioned his post on Twitter.

“As a counter-measure I experimented with what would happen if I set up a life-sized panel mother.

“As a result it [the mother’s absence] isn’t noticed for about 20 minutes. This panel may be useful occasionally.”

In another clip posted by the couple, the toddler seems to grow suspicious of the cut-out but a few moments later starts to play with his toys, Fox News.

The clip has gone viral with more than 44 000 likes and 14 000 retweets.

Watch the video here:

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News, Twitter

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