Two-year-old art prodigy dubbed “pint-sized Picasso”
She may still be in diapers but this two-year-old is making a name for herself as an art prodigy.
Lola June has been dubbed the "pint-sized Picasso". (Getty/Gallo images).

A two-year-old art prodigy has been dubbed the “pint-sized Picasso” after her ability to master the art of colours and composition took the New York City art scene by storm.

Lola June’s art skills were discovered by one of her mother’s friends who showed her work to Anita Durst, the owner of the ChaShaMa gallery in New York City, ABC News reports.

Lucille Javier, Lola’s mother, said she didn’t realise her daughter was talented and even admits to throwing some of Lola’s artwork away.

Earlier this month Lola had her own exhibition at the gallery entitled Hope.

Pajtim Osmanaj, the curator of the show, said in a statement on his Instagram page he hopes to show people how pure and simple art really can be.

"I believe it’s not always necessary to have years of experience to create," he added.

"With Lola’s art I want to create a show which makes people to question their selves [sic] and the difference between a master painter and a young child.”

Durst said people had been calling to buy Lola’s artwork, with some of her paintings selling for $1 500 (about R21 750), Yahoo! News reports.

"Lola is good," Durst said. "And she is good for a two-year-old."

Sources: ABC News, Yahoo! News

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