WATCH: Mom shares moment baby boy says first word at just eight weeks
As she leans over and says hello to her child, he seems to reply, “Hello”.
Infant. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)

A proud mom has filmed her baby boy appearing to speak at only eight weeks old.

Andrea Nagel from Kansas in the US was sitting in the nursery with her little boy, August, when she began filming the infant on her cellphone, according to the Mirror UK.

As she leans over and says hello to her child, he seems to reply, “Hello”.

The stunned mom gasps before squealing “hi” back to her bundle of joy.

A week later while filming little August again, he appears to put together his first sentence, dailysunpost reports.

Andrea says, “Hello” to which he seems to respond with, “How are you?”

August’s mom says the boy has spoken a few times since.

In 2017 baby Luis de Sousa from Manchester in England was filmed saying hello to his mom at just three months old.

His mother, Ana, was stunned when little Luis appeared to talk to her.

At the time Ana said she couldn’t believe what she’d heard and had to watch the clip back a few times to check that she’d heard correctly.

“Everyone says how clever Luis is – and people are always popping in to say hello to him.”

Sources: Mirror UK, dailysunpost

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