Date night

WATCH: What research has to say about maintaining a happy marriage

Is it ever really possible to understand the complexities of human relationships, especially one as complicated as marriage – with kids? We looked at decades of research and found 6 tips for a happy, longstanding marriage.


WATCH #ParentingHacks: 2-minute microwave omelette

In need of a quick and easy breakfast to go? Check out this 2-minute microwave omelette.

Birthday parties

WATCH: How to make unicorn cupcakes!

Kids love birthday parties and they absolutely love unicorns. So we thought we'd combine the two and make a video to show you how to make the perfect unicorn cupcakes!


WATCH: Easy and adorable paper crafts to keep the kids busy this holiday!

Ever tried making Christmas decorations out of paper?

Primary school

WATCH: Genius maths hacks: The 11 times table

Sure, memorising your times tables is easy when you’re working with smaller numbers. The bigger ones, not so much... But we’ve put together these genius math hacks that makes multiplication a whole lot easier to do.


WATCH: Be still my beating… Rice Krispies heart! The easiest, yummiest Valentine’s Day treats you can make for your kids

We transformed every child's favourite snack into the quickest and easiest treat you can make for Valentine's Day.


WATCH: Teach kids about science with this homemade lava lamp!

This is a great way to teach the kids basic science - check out this easy lava lamp experiment!


WATCH: How to bath your baby for the first time

Johnson's Baby gives you step-by-step instructions on how to bath your brand-new bundle of joy.


Want baby to stop crying? Try this.

A paediatrician shares his secret.

Family fun

WATCH: A DIY advent calendar for the jolliest season

Advent calendars are big around Christmas time and the kids absolutely love 'em. But they can also be very expensive. So why not make your own? Everyone wins.


WATCH: How to make monster slime for Halloween

A whole lot of glue, silver glitter and eyeballs! Here's how to make (safe, borax-free) monster slime with your little one this Halloween.

Primary school

WATCH: A fun and easy way to explain density by creating a seascape in a jar

The easiest, and often simplest, way to explain particular scientific concepts to kids is to show them an experiment. So we put together one explaining density by creating a seascape... in a jar!

Primary school

WATCH: How do clouds make rain? Here's an easy and fun way to explain it to your kids

From evaporation to condensation, and finally, precipitation – here's a simple and fun experiment to try this weekend, to help you explain how clouds make rain to your little ones.


WATCH: The story of Ayaan Ahmed, Cape Town's very own 'Bubble Boy'

Ayaan Ahmed was diagnosed with SCID in 2016 and his parents were told their little one wouldn't make it past a year. Parent24 sat down with his mother, Shamaa Sheik, who shared his incredible story.


TIMELINE: From 'killer bottles' to baby cages, weird and wonderful baby gadgets from the past

Throughout the years, there have been many weird and questionable inventions in the attempt to make life easier for parents.


WATCH: How to make edible jelly raindrops

When kids use their hands to create something, especially when the materials are geared towards a sensory experience, it helps their brains to learn as well. So here's a cool way to get your tot's hands dirty... with wobbly, squashy "rain drops"!


WATCH: Let them draw on walls! 3 easy play stations with contact paper

All you need is contact paper, masking tape, and a whole lot of imagination for these easy play stations.

Matric past exam papers

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You're going to want to search, follow and share this one – we've just created an Instagram account @parent24learn with every resource you'll need to push through your matric mock and final exams.
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