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CBD oil isn't legal yet, but parents are giving it to their kids anyway

The cannabis compound is as yet unregulated by the MCC, which means it is technically illegal and potentially dangerous, but some parents still offer the controversial treatment to their children. We take a look...

"Teach manners and morals first please": Our parents weigh in on school sex-ed policies

Our readers share their thoughts on how sex ed is taught to primary school learners, largely disapproving of the recent suggestions posed by the Department of Education.

Maintenance money: to some, more divisive than divorce

It's no secret that some parents dodge their obligations, but in the case of 'papgeld' the law protects kids first and foremost. We hear from a local dad, and a magistrate weighs in on the legalities of how maintenance money is spent.

How to stop kids from cutting themselves – advice from an ER doctor

Family Physician Carlos Yu has been exposed to more emergency room visits due to self-harm among teens than he cares to count, in Canada. With equal importance for South African parents, he offers invaluable advice.

"The reality is that society is quick to believe claims by those, like my ex, who love telling the story of how she was bullied out of her children, how she was kept away. And nothing could be further from the truth." – A dad shares the side of the maintenance money story the courts probably won't tell you.

"We cannot try and fix their learning challenges at matric or tertiary level, but at an early age." Early childhood development specialists talk with Move! Magazine's Bulelwa Mokori on just how crucial the foundation phase is in a child's education.

64% of children under the age of two are watching over two hours of TV and videos every day. That's double the amount the World Health Organisation recommends. And with research indicating that in the first three years of our lives, our brains develop rapidly, tripling in size, we need to ensure our kids spend far less time in front of screens.