As an employer one mustn’t make assumptions about

Are you paying your nanny a living wage? Probably not

If you're paying your employee the national minimum wage, or even a little above, you may not actually be paying her enough to get by.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is more prevalent, and more serious, than you think

“A woman does not need to be a heavy drinker or alcoholic to have a child with FASD, even light to moderate drinking has the potential to cause permanent damage to the unborn baby,” warns FARR CEO Dr Leana Olivier.

Lawyer: You can sue if your child is injured at school

"If your child is injured at school or during extra-curricular school activities due to negligence on the part of the school, you may be able to pursue compensation for your child’s personal injury," says Kirstie Haslam of DSC Attorneys.

"I remember my mom saying she could feel our pain. She would complain about how she had to write matric 6 times and I would get so annoyed. This wasn't about her! But I get it now." Tori Hoffmann shares her hilarious yet heartfelt reflections on raising kids.

Canadian researchers Penny and David answer the age old question posed by Shakespear - "What's in a name?" Seems there is more to names as they affect what people expect someone to be like in terms of their personality.

"I hope this story speaks to others who have endured loss through miscarriage." Read one woman's heart-wrenching experience and the hard-earned lessons she's taken from the ordeal.