I bet you’re all feeling itchy, now...
I bet you’re all feeling itchy, now...
Parent24 Editor, Scott Dunlop
He’s suffering, and it’s not his fault: My youngest has what could only be described as the world’s worst haircut. The haircut is all my own work. The lice and nits? Well, there’s no point in blaming anyone else. It has been happening for months now. The daily checks, itching, and discovery of something living on his head. Then the OCD washing of bedding and clothing, as well as endless doses of lice shampoo and even olive oil. Why, oh why do they keep returning?

It’s just not okay for kids to have bugs in their hair. You can’t get away with calling them pets, and you also don’t want your kids to walk around with what I call baked-bean haircuts- shaven little prisoners of war.

Are other parents oblivious that their kids are scratching away? Do they not notice the tell-tale beige eggs or creepy crawlies? Maybe there’s just one kid in the class who shuns shampoo who keeps on starting the revolting cycle, and I’m a little fed up with it.

Lice shampoo is quite expensive, and laying into a head of tangled kid hair with a tiny comb must be at best annoying for my children, if not extremely irritating. My eldest lost his Bieber-do to it a year or two back. Snip! My daughter suffers with red cheeks through hours of combing and plucking. Sometimes we resemble a family of baboons, plucking at each other’s fur.

We’re a clean family. Squeaky, even. We bathe and wash our clothes all the time. I don’t want to be the one who is spreading the critters, so I’m always checking their heads, but the lice keep returning like the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise- sequel after tedious sequel. I’m almost tempted to use flames- didn’t that help to get rid of Freddy Krueger in the end?

For now I’ll just have to put up with my son’s huge brown eyes staring at me- his eyes always look bigger after a haircut- and hope that this round of infestation is over. We’re tired of feeling like plague victims having to ring the bell outside our house, crying “unclean!”

I’m sure you all check your kid’s hair, right? If anyone has a foolproof treatment, I’d love to know. It’s quite gross to talk about, but something we parents need to know how to manage.

Anyone want to send their kids around to mine for a play date? Hello? Helloooo?

If you’ll admit to having had the lice problem in your family, and tell us your story about how you got rid of them, you could win a R250 kalahari.com voucher.

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