5 tech-savvy toys that’ll beat your toddler’s terrible twos
Leave your toddlers to their devices and keep them off yours with these five tech-savvy toys.
These 5 tech savvy toys will help you beat the blues of the terrible twos! (Photo: iStock) (iStock)

Toddlers are known to be busy and a handful – which has led to the well-known phrase of the ‘terrible twos.’ From opened cabinets and drawers, to trying to keep your toddler’s prying hands from scrolling through your cell phone and digital devices in an increasingly digital world – the notion of ‘terrible twos’ seems nearly valid.

When it comes to young kids, having toys or activities that facilitate and foster their development and personal growth are important for any playtime mat.

Developmental skills, like physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, are vital milestones in any toddler’s growth, according to Fisher-Price. Toys that look at incorporating elements to cater to these aspects, help facilitate a fun and interactive way to get your toddler honing these skills.

Physical development includes sensory and motor skills. At this age, your toddler has likely started to walk with confidence and seems to be running the house. Toys that incorporate physical elements will help to keep your toddler occupied while also refining their sensory and motor skills.

Cognitive development focuses on stimulating the mind of your toddler. Toys that cater to this will often involve elements and features that intrigue their curiosity, problem solving abilities as well as their imagination and creativity.

Social and emotional development looks at strengthening and building confidence and character in your toddlers. Toys that are programmed to foster this would feature elements of listening as well as features that promote self-expression from its young target audience.

Help your little one along and spare your devices from toddler finger prints while leaving your toddler to their devices with these five tech-savvy toys sure to keep them entertained:

1. Digital Learning Tablets / Smartphones / Laptops

Having a tough time keeping your kids from prying your devices out of your hands? Well, there are plenty of toddler friendly alternatives on the market – which might be even more fun to your toddler. These mock devices provide a range of fun, educational and interactive games built into their smart devices designs to keep your kid engaged and entertained. 

toddler tablet

(Photo: iStock)

2. Interactive Digital Storybooks

Trying to get kids interested in reading in this highly digital age can be a task that not even Supermom or Superdad could conquer. But fret not, there are interactive and digitised bedtime storybooks available that incorporate fun games of uncovering answers, pop up art and even play sounds and music.

3. Digital Educational World Globe

Get your toddler learning about the world through a fun and interactive toy globe that features buttons, colourful imagery, lights and sound. The vibrant globe often features bright primary colours along with graphic buttons speckled around it that allow your toddler to listen to some sounds from around the world and learn about it too.

toddler globe

(Photo: iStock)

4. Digital Musical Instruments

What better way to help nurture your toddler’s fine and sensory motor skills than with an educational and fun toy musical instrument. In fact, research by developmental molecular biologist and research consultant Dr John Medina has shown that music improves your toddler’s fine motor skills, language skills and social skills. From tiny piano keyboards to button-operated guitars and cute drum sets to even music players – these toys will not only boost your toddler’s developmental skills, but also allow them to have a rocking fun time.

toddler piano

(Photo: iStock)

5. Interactive Digital Sensory Learning Boards

Keep your toddlers from going for actual doorknobs and tools by either investing in a fun and interactive digital sensory learning or activity board or even building your own. A board like this will be sure to keep your toddler entertained for hours while also boosting their fine motor and cognitive skills.

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