Moms share their premium experience with Pampers #BestPampersEver
“I choose the new Pampers Premium Care for my baby. It’s super thin but never leaks, it’s amazing. It’s the Best Pampers Ever!” – Jessica Nkosi, award-winning South African actress
With the patented Pampers wetness indicator mom can know exactly when baby needs a change before any discomfort is felt (Supplied)

Your baby deserves the best. No parent can deny this undisputable fact. When it comes to nappies, your baby’s skin needs to be perfectly protected. This means locking mess away from the skin, staying dry, and the kind of comfort that nurtures growth and development without interruption. With Pampers Premium Care nappies, your baby can get what she deserves… only the best.

From the day your child comes into this world, if there’s one person you should trust when it comes to the wellbeing of your little one, it’s your pediatrician. There’s a reason that Pampers Premium Care nappies are the number one choice for pediatricians according to a 2019 South African survey. And it starts with protection.

Premium protection

The core purpose of a nappy is to keep your baby’s bum dry, absorb wetness and protect the skin. While a wet nappy can be uncomfortable, it can also pose a real threat to your baby’s wellbeing.

Wet nappies are the leading cause of nappy rash, because dampness and friction can be extremely irritating to the skin. Most moms are keenly aware of the way a rash can affect baby’s mood. Pain and discomfort is the last thing you want for your baby. And sometimes, in severe cases, a rash can lead to worse conditions, like thrush.

With Premium Care’s unique absorb-away layer, nappies feel silky soft while pulling away wetness and mess from baby’s skin, allowing the skin to dry faster. And with the patented Pampers wetness indicator mom can know exactly when baby needs a change before any discomfort is felt.

Premium comfort

With superior softness, Pampers Premium Care nappies gently wrap baby in silky soft materials, scientifically developed in collaboration with pediatricians to respect your child’s needs.

Not all babies are the same. Their shapes can be as unique as their little personalities. With stretchy sides, every Premium nappy fits perfectly and moves with the child as if they are wearing nothing at all. This freedom of movement is key for happy and healthy development.

Premium science

Pampers was the first brand to widely introduce the world to disposable nappy technology. The brand has been keenly in tune with the needs of babies for over 50 years. Moms and dads can rest assured that Pampers Premium Care nappies are the best of the best, backed up by world-leading research and care, because a premium baby deserves premium care.

Watch below to see some of South Africa’s personalities with their little ones, as they share their Premium Care experiences:

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