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LEGO® sets can be a powerful learning tool at all ages of development. From helping a toddler with spatial awareness to equipping a 3rd grader with fractions, there are plenty of practical ways to use LEGO® sets as building blocks for education.
From preschool to foundation and senior phase, LEGO can be a teaching tool at various levels of school. (Supplied)

The act of playing has evolved extensively and the benefits it brings to children and families are endless. From developing problem solving skills to harnessing the ability to work in a team, play is as constructive as it is fun. What’s even better is that 83% of children say they learn better when it feels like play, according the annual LEGO® Play Well Report 2018.

“The benefits of play are often undervalued in our preschool and education systems, losing out to more formal curricula and learning,” says Niels Christiansen, LEGO® Group CEO. But nothing stops parents to incorporate play into their children’s learning methods at various stages of their development.

Between the ages of 3 and 5, children refine their gross and fine motor skills and learn timeless skills like the names of colours and how to draw between lines, says the Centre of Early Childhood Development in Cape Town. At pre-school level, children can use colourful LEGO® bricks to identify colours and use those same bricks to develop spatial awareness by placing them alongside each other to fill a space. 

At foundation phase, the South African CAPS* curriculum introduces and embeds some mathematical concepts like fractions and multiplication that can be difficult to grasp without visual representations. Utilising toys like LEGO® sets to physically pack out fractions or calculate the median in a range of bricks can be fun and practical. These learning games can even evolve into study methods in your early teens and help to curb procrastination by making studying fun again.

From toddlers to tweens, here are eight ways to use LEGO® sets as learning tools at different stages of childhood development.


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