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Sex during pregnancy: What you need to know, trimester by trimester

Not all women experience the same pregnancy. Some may have an increased sex drive, but others may have the opposite.


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Parent24's pregnancy hub has been compiled to guide you through every step of this beautiful pregnancy journey, from conception to birth and beyond.

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Can’t touch this? Foods to avoid when you're pregnant

You’re pregnant, and suddenly everyone has an opinion on what you put in your mouth. Beat the busybodies off with facts.


Has Katy Perry chosen a godmother for her unborn baby girl?

"She is pretty chuffed about it as well and cried when they asked her." Has Katy Perry asked Jennifer Aniston to be her baby's godmother?

Baby names

Q&A: Did you know what you wanted to call your kids, before you had them?

Ask any parent about their children's names and you'll get a detailed answer!

Baby names

Maybelline, Klein, Estee and other baby names inspired by fashion and beauty

A list of the most popular baby names based on fashion and beauty brands.


10 couples who 'failed' at physical distancing, and want everyone to know it

We've collected ten of our favourite pandemic pregnancy announcements for you to enjoy.

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Bee-utiful, or un-bee-lieveable? US woman's honeybee maternity shoot sets the internet abuzz

"This isn’t just a photo of a woman with honeybees on her belly," Texan mom Bethany writes.

Foetal development

Have you felt your baby move yet? Look out for a flutter under your heart

Have you felt your baby move yet? Colette du Plessis answers all your questions relating to how your baby moves in the womb.

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'Midwives are using technology solutions': The future of maternity care post-Covid

"Our midwives are using all available technology solutions to stay in touch with patients, including telephony and social media platforms."

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The first-time dad guide: Everything you need to know before welcoming your little one

Difficulties associated with making the transition to fatherhood are often underestimated – the truth is that changes are just as radical for fathers as they are for mothers.


Transgender man expecting his second child after falling pregnant by 'happy accident'

A transgender man is pregnant with his second child, despite backlash from strangers when he was expecting his first baby.


'I saw the twins for about 15 minutes': Local dad shares heartbreaking story of premature birth during lockdown

"At 07:10 and 07:11 the twins were born. I was part of this whole process as a dad for only 2 hours."


'Seahorse dad' shares incredible photos as he births his 3rd baby

"I know how meaningful images like this could have been for me before my first pregnancy and how meaningful it is for me to see images of fellow birthing trans and non binary people to this day."


'Our very first little miracle he had to meet via a video call': First-time mom shares her lockdown birth story

"I am all in favour of safety during this time but to take away an opportunity like this? I know there are more women in my position, and we will never be able to get that time back."


'I had twins the week before lockdown': Giving birth amid the Covid-19 pandemic

This first-time mom gave birth to two little boys, but she wasn't prepared for the added stress of coronavirus too.

Baby names

Did Elon Musk and singer Grimes really name their newborn baby X Æ A-12?

Apparently it's "just X, the letter X, then the Æ is Ash, then A-12".


WATCH: Gigi Hadid says she wants a big brood and might just quit modelling for motherhood

"I think that as I get older... well one day I'll start a family and I don't know if I will always be modelling. .. But who knows? Maybe I'll take up full-time cooking!"

Pregnancy health

Africa can’t let maternity care slide during the coronavirus pandemic

Amid global commitments to defeat, or at least minimise, the pervasive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on the African continent remains unclear.

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Pregnant in a recession? Here's how to scale down

As your pregnant tummy grows during this lean economy, get used to the words “downscale” and “hand-me-downs”... they’ll get you through the tough times ahead. Here is some expert info to help you budget for your baby.


First-time dad witnesses the birth of his son through a video call

If there’s one thing we’re all taking away from the coronavirus pandemic – it’s the connection we all share through the power of technology.


What drives abuse of women in childbirth? We asked those providing the care

Disrespect and abuse during childbirth are a violation of women’s human rights. Women deserve care that maintains their dignity, ensures their privacy and confidentiality and is free from mistreatment and discrimination.

Baby names

'Kindergarten 2026 roll call': From Covid Leigh to Kah'Rona to Pandemica

We know that some parents want their children to have a unique of a name as possible, but please parents, please not these!

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Baby due any day now? Here's everything you need to know

Pregnancy is already a tough journey, and the additional anxiety may have your mind racing with what-if questions.


Covid-19: Doulas and other non-essential workers no longer allowed to accompany labouring mothers in hospital

"We now have confirmation that all private and government hospitals have stopped allowing Doulas to accompany labouring moms until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic."


'What were you thinking?': These children's reactions to their parents' pregnancy announcements are hilarious

From rather intense gender disappointment to fear that they're about to be replaced, these "Not-So-Happy Pregnancy Announcements" are the pits.
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