MamaMagic Baby Expo: this weekend in Joburg

Expert parenting advice, the latest in gadgets and great shows for the kids – The MamaMagic Baby Expo is back!


Emotional soldier watches wife give birth over FaceTime

Brooks Lindsey from Mississippi in the US rushed back home after hearing that his wife, Haley, was about to give birth.


Your Pregnancy magazine: April/ May 2018 issue

The latest issue of Your Pregnancy magazine.

Baby names

One-of-a-kind vintage baby names for boys and girls

The classics never go out of style. Out of fashion, maybe, but these vintage names are making a comeback – perfect for the retro-cool parent.

Baby names

From Nelson to Oprah: Iconic heroes to inspire your next baby's name

There have been great men and women who have challenged injustices and lead the masses to equality and freedom, and others whose brilliant minds or courage have influenced generations. Here are a few heroes you can name your baby after.


WATCH: A day in the life of a pregnant man

When his wife challenged him to experience pregnancy for 24 hours, Chris Balmert created a makeshift pregnancy suit, strapped it to his chest and went forth. Needless to say, he didn't conquer.


Samkelo Ndlovu shares incredible video of baby dancing inside her belly

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and for actress Samkelo Ndlovu it was an extremely special experience.

Baby names

Henry Charles Albert David, Rachel Meghan and more royal baby names!

With the birth of the British royal baby, we look at royal families from around the world and the meaning behind their baby names. If you're pregnant, take your pick!

Baby names

The top 3 reasons people regret the name they chose for their baby

Convinced that your baby name choice is the right one? Be careful, "baby name regret" is a thing, so choose wisely.

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Pre and post-pregnancy skincare advice

ADVERTORIAL: Looking after your skin during and after pregnancy can make an immense difference to your confidence as a changing body takes its toll.

Pregnancy health

Five celebrities who have had difficult pregnancies

The following celebrities have also gone through quite a lot before, during and even after their pregnancies.

Foetal development

The secret life of your unborn baby

What can your baby hear in utero? And feel? When does she sleep and when is she awake? Mariska Noble tells all.

Pregnancy health

How compassion can help pregnant moms triumph over toxic childhood trauma

New research shows that when mothers who have experienced childhood trauma feel supported by the people around them – such as therapists, physicians, friends and neighbours – their risk of pregnancy complications reduces substantially.

Baby names

True, Stormi, Chicago and 33 other Kardashian-Jenner baby names

Want to pick a name with an ambitious ring to it? Get some inspiration from our list of over 20 names each belonging to a member of the infamous Kardashian clan, with a sprinkling of Jenners too.

Baby names

Stormi and 100 other baby names inspired by nature

Feeling inspired by Kylie Jenner's choice of name for her baby girl? Here are 100 of the most beautiful baby names, all inspired by flowers, water, plants and other nature themes to choose from.


What to do when your baby is born before you get to the hospital

The most important thing is to keep the baby warm – put her on your chest covered with a warm towel.

Getting Ready

How to have a baby on a budget

You’ve heard of budget holidays, low-cost airlines, and cheap-and-cheerful restaurants. Now here’s your definitive guide to having a baby on a shoestring.

Pregnancy health

Too. Tired. To. Move? Beat the pregnancy fatigue

The fatigue of pregnancy serves to remind you exactly what a miracle your body is performing, so it’s essential to listen to your body. Here’s what you can do to get through it, writes Tina Otte.

Getting Ready

“To my shock and horror… I fell pregnant!”: A reader shares what it’s like to dread pregnancy and childbirth

Inspired by an article describing tokophobia, an extremely rare fear of all things motherhood, a Parent24 reader shares her inspiring story.

Pregnancy health

"I'm pregnant! How much should I eat?" and other questions

Two experts provide moms-to-be with top tips on how to ensure they maintain optimal health throughout their pregnancy.

Pregnancy health

Understanding birth defects

Most babies are born perfectly healthy, but for a small percentage, things go wrong. Many congenital disorders, or defects that happen in the womb, have no known cause. Here’s what you need to know about the five most common ones

Pregnancy health

Coping with constipation during pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable. Why does it happen and what can you do about it?

Pregnancy health

Weight gain during pregnancy: how much is too much?

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy increases health risks for both mother and child


Bring on the drugs! Pain relief options in childbirth

If you want to do vaginal birth, but want some medicated help in coping with labour pain, here’s what modern day medicine has to offer…

Getting Ready

Are antenatal classes worth it? Real moms and experts weigh in

Antenatal classes empower parents to navigate the pregnancy journey, birth and beyond. The classes cover pregnancy, childbirth and certain child care elements (like how to bath a baby). However, are antenatal classes worth it?

Pregnancy health

Exercise to ease those pregnancy aches and pains

Pregnancy causes huge changes to your body, and you're going to feel certain strains. Here are some exercises to help beat those pregnancy aches and pains.


How dilated am I?

Know how dilated you are without the dreaded internal exam.

Pregnancy health

Tokophobia: what it’s like to have a phobia of pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy is perceived as a time of glowing and joy and getting to bond with your child but some women have an intense fear of pregnancy and childbirth. This may stop them from having children or cause antenatal depression.
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