Henry Charles Albert David, Rachel Meghan and more royal baby names!
With the birth of the British royal baby, we look at royal families from around the world and the meaning behind their baby names. If you're pregnant, take your pick!
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed their third baby this week and we finally have a name: Prince Louis Arthur Charles. He is now fifth in line to be heir to the British throne and his birth has not overtaken Princess Charlotte's position as the fourth in line to throne.

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In our quest to help you choose the perfect baby name, may we present [trumpets]... royal baby names from the Arabian Peninsula to Zululand.

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Abdula (M)

Meaning: servant of Allah

Origin: Arabic

Adam (M)

Meaning: Son of the Red Earth

Origin: Hebrew

Aiko (F)

Meaning: Beloved child

Origin: Japanese

Aisha (F)

Meaning: Living, prosperous

Origin: Arabic 

Akihiko (M)

Meaning: A bright person

Origin: Japanese

Albert (M)

Meaning: Noble, bright

Origin: German

Alfons (M)

Meaning: Noble, ready

Origin: Spanish and Italian

Alois (M)

Meaning: Famous warrior

Origin: German

Al-Qaqa (M)

Meaning: A companion of the prophet Muhammed

Origin: Arabic

Andrew (M)

Meaning: Strong and manly

Origin: Greek

Angela (F)

Meaning: Angel

Origin: Latin

Anne (F)

Meaning: Grace

Origin: Hebrew

Anoud (F)

Meaning: Strong-willed, smart

Origin: Arabic

Antonius (M)

Meaning: Priceless

Origin: Latin

Arthur (M)

Meaning: Bear

Origin: Celtic

Autumn (F)

Meaning: Season name

Origin: Latin

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Royal family tree #1 – House of Windsor:British royal family tree and baby names

Beatrice (F)

Meaning: She who brings happiness

Origin: Latin

Benedikt (M)

Meaning: Blessed

Origin: Latin

Bizwekhanya (M)

Meaning: Summoned while shining?

Origin: Nguni

Bukhosibemvelo (U)

Meaning: Royalty of nature/environment

Origin: Nguni

Buthle (F)

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Nguni

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Camila (F)

Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant

Origin: Latin

Charles (M) / Charlotte (F) / Caroline (F)

Meaning: Free man / woman

Origin: German

Constantin (M)

Meaning: Steadfast

Origin: Latin


David (M)

Meaning: Beloved, friend

Origin: Hebrew

Diana (F)

Meaning: Divine

Origin: Latin


Edward (M)

Meaning: Wealthy guardian

Origin: English

Elizabeth (F)

Meaning: Pledged to God

Origin: Hebrew

Eugenie (F)

Meaning: Wellborn

Origin: Greek


Ferdinand (M)

Meaning: Bold voyager

Origin: German


Gabriel (F)

Meaning: God is my strength

Origin: Hebrew

George (M) / Georgina (F)

Meaning: Farmer

Origin: Greek

Gisela (F)

Meaning: Pledge or hostage

Origin: German


Hamad (M)

Meaning: Praised one

Origin: Arabic

Hans (M)

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: German

Henry (Harry) (M)

Meaning: Ruler of the house

Origin: German

Hisahito (M)

Meaning: Serene One

Origin: Japanese


Isla (F)

Meaning: Island

Origin: Spanish


Royal family tree #2 – The Imperial House of Japan:

James (M)

Meaning: Supplanter

Origin: Hebrew

Jassim (M)

Meaning: Strong, powerful

Origin: Arabic

Jawahir (F)

Meaning: Precious stones, jewels

Origin: Arabic

Joaan (M)

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Arabic. Related to John, Hebrew

Joseph (M)

Meaning: Jehovah increases

Origin: Hebrew


Kako (F)

Meaning: Summer rainbow

Origin: Japanese

Karabo (U)

Meaning: Answer

Origin: Sesotho

Katherine (F)

Meaning: Pure

Origin: Greek


Royal family tree #3 – House of Moshesh:

Royal family tree #4 – House of Liechtenstein:

Leonor (F)

Meaning: Light

Origin: Greek

Lerotholi (M)

Meaning: A drop

Origin: Sesotho

Lethukuthula (M)

Meaning: Brings peace/quiet

Origin: Nguni

Letizia (F)

Meaning: Gladness

Origin: Latin

Letsie (M)

Meaning: Chieftain

Origin: Sesotho

Lomkhosi (U)

Meaning: Of the army


Louise (F) / Louis (M)

Meaning: Renowned warrior

Origin: French

Lukas (M)

Meaning: A man from Lucanus

Origin: Greek

Lungelo (U)

Meaning: A right

Origin: Nguni


Mako (U)

Meaning: Child of truth

Origin: Japanese

Mandlesizwe (M)

Meaning: The strength of the nation

Origin: Nguni

Mantfombi (F)

Meaning: Mother of girls

Origin: Nguni

Marie (F)

Meaning: Bitter

Origin: French

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Mark (M)

Meaning: Warlike

Origin: Latin

Maseeiso (F)

Meaning: Basotho family name

Origin: Sesotho

Masikomahle (M)

Meaning: Beautiful traditions

Origin: Nguni

Maximillian (M)

Meaning: Greatest

Origin: Latin

Meghan (F)

Meaning: Pearl

Origin: Welsh

Mayassa (F)

Meaning: Graceful

Origin: Arabic

Michiko (F)

Meaning: Beauty, wisdom

Origin: Japanese

Misuzulu (F)

Meaning: To praise the Zulu nation

Origin: Nguni

Mohammed (M)

Meaning: Greatly praised

Origin: Arabic

Moritze (M)

Meaning: Dark-skinned

Origin: German


Nandi (F)

Meaning: Sweety, tasty

Origin: Nguni

Naruhito (M)

Meaning: A man who will acquire heavenly virtues

Origin: Japanese

Naylah (F)

Meaning: Winner, lucky

Origin: Arabic

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Nhlaganiso (M)

Meaning: To meet or gather

Origin: Nguni

Nikolaus (M)

Meaning: people of victory

Origin: Greek


Meaning: A weapon used by Zulu warriors at war

Origin: Nguni

Nombuso (F)

Meaning: She who rules

Origin: Nguni

Nompumelelo (F) / Mpumelelo (M)

Meaning: Success

Origin: Nguni

Noora (F)

Meaning: Light

Origin: Arabic

Ntandoyenkosi (F)

Meaning: God’s love

Origin: Nguni

Ntandoyesizwe (U)

Meaning: Loved by the nation

Origin: Nguni

Ntombizosuthu (F)

Meaning: Woman of the Zulus

Origin: Nguni


Peter (M)

Meaning: Rock

Origin: Greek

Phillip (M) / Felipe (M)

Meaning: Lover of horses

Origin: Greek


Royal family tree #5 – The House of Thani:


Rachel (F)

Meaning: Female sheep

Origin: Hebrew

Rodha (F)

Meaning: rose

Origin: Greek


Royal family tree #5 – The House of Bourbon-Anjou:

Sarah (F)

Meaning: Princess

Origin: Hebrew

Savannah (F)

Meaning: Flat tropical grassland

Origin: Spanish

Sayako (F)

Meaning: Born at night

Origin: Japanese

Sebastian (M)

Meaning: From the ancient city of Sebasta

Origin: Greek

Senate (F)

Meaning: Mother of King Moshoeshoe

Origin: Sesotho

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Shlobosenkosi (U)

Meaning: King’s relative

Origin: Nguni

Sibongile (F)

Meaning: We are thankful

Origin: Nguni

Sibusile (U)

Meaning: We have reigned

Origin: Nguni

Snethemba (F)

Meaning: We have hope

Origin: Nguni


Tamim (M) / Tamimah (F)

Meaning: Perfect, complete

Origin: Arabic

Tatjana (F)

Meaning: From the ancient Sabine king who rules in Rome

Origin: Latin

Thandikela (F)

Meaning: She who is loved

Origin: Nguni

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Timothy (M)

Meaning: Honouring God

Origin: Greek

Toshi (U)

Meaning: Mirror reflection

Origin: Japanese


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William (M)

Meaning: Resolute protection

Origin: German


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Royal family tree #7 – The House of Zulu:

Zara (F)

Meaning: Princess, to blossom

Origin: Hebrew and Arabic

Zola (F)

Meaning: Quiet, tranquil

Origin: Nguni

Zwelithini (M)

Meaning: What is the nation saying?

Origin: Nguni

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