See what influenced the top 100 baby names in America in 2018
You may be disappointed but probably not surprised by what inspired the name choices of American parents this year.
The names Everly, Isla, Leo, and Carson have been named the fastest climbers of the year. (iStock)

When thinking through possible names for baby, parents may look to a host of deciding factors, ranging from traditional naming conventions like family names to a more modern approach like naming a child after the place they were conceived. 

Recently, the BabyCenter in the USA released their top 100 baby names of 2018 based on thousands of entries the website receives from across the country. 

This year the top girl and boy names were Sophia and Jackson. Sophia has been the BabyCenter's number one girl's name for the past 9 years, while Jackson has topped the boys list for the past 6 years. 

Formerly enjoying a place in their top 10 of girl's names, Logan and Zoe this year lost out to Olivia and Layla, and the names Everly, Isla, Leo, and Carson have been named the fastest climbers of the year. See the full list by scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

Interestingly, the site also provides names outside of the top 100 that have spiked so fast they deserve a mention.

Is your child's name part of the top 100? Did you regret the name you chose for your child at all? Tell us by emailing to and we could publish your letter. If you'd like to remain anonymous, let us know. 

 Analysing this data, the BabyCenter has identified these key influencers in baby naming trends for 2018: 

Woosah: More Hippie than Hipster in 2018

According to the BabyCenter, for mom and dads who welcomed their bundles in 2018, one of the biggest influences was a Zen lifestyle, with names like Peace, Harmony and Hope gaining in popularity as girls names. Shanti (the Sanskrit word for peace) was found to be 34% more popular in 2018 for boys. 

In keeping with the tranquil inspiration, nature was another big contributing factor, with the site seeing spikes in names like Dawn, Aurora, and Rainbow for baby girls. Sons weren't spared from the nature trend, names gaining in popularity as boy's names include Ocean, Fern, and Sky. 

Fortnite: Inspiring a generation 

From obsessively played game to baby name inspiration, Fortnite has been named a key influencer for parents in 2018. 

Increasing by a huge 57% in popularity, the name Ramirez, one of the feature characters of the game, was a big name for boys. 

Other Fortnite-inspired baby boy names included Leviathan, Rogue and Dakotaz. The names Rogue and Dakotaz also trended as girls names, rising by 47% and 13%, respectively. While the name Bunny (sadly) saw a 30% increase in use as a girl's name.

Reality, reality: Is there anything the Kardashian-Jenner clan hasn't influenced? 

Shocking absolutely no one is the fact that Kardashian-Jenner offspring have been named as influencers in the baby naming game. The unique moniker Kylie Jenner chose for her baby girl, Stormi, has seen a 63% increase in popularity. Saint and Dream, the names of Kim and Rob's children, are up by 42%, while Kourtney's son, Reign, is up by 27%. 

For the love of food 

In keeping with the Hippie line of thinking, parents have also proven their commitment to all things natural by naming their children after food, clean food that is. Names like Kale, Kiwi, Maple and Clementine are all gaining traction. 

And in a bigger twist, parents are also taking inspiration from herbs and spices, with names like Saffron and Rosemary rising in popularity for girls, and Sage favourited for boys. 

Chip and Joanna Gaines: Reality TV strikes yet again

From setting trends in furniture and home design to baby naming trends, Chip and Joanna Gaines, a reality TV couple formerly of Fixer Upper fame, have been named this year's dark horse(s) of baby name influencers. 

The name of the couple's business, Magnolia, rose by 21%, while the couple's children's names Emmie, Ella, Drake, and Crew are also trending in the US. 

Here's a peak at the BabyCenter's top 10 names of 2018. 

Girls names: 

1. Sophia

Meaning: Wisdom, skill

Origin: Greek

2. Olivia

Meaning: Olive tree

Origin:  Latin

3. Emma

Meaning:Whole, universal

Origin: German

4. Ava

Meaning: Bird

Origin: Hebrew

5. Isabella

Meaning: God is perfection

Origin: Hebrew

6. Aria

Meaning: Lioness of God

Origin: Italian

7. Riley

Meaning: Valiant

Origin: Irish Gaelic

8. Amelia

Meaning: Industrious, striving, defender

Origin: Latin

9. Mia

Meaning: Mine

Origin: Italian 

10. Layla

Meaning: Dark beauty

Origin: Arabic

Boy's names

1. Jackson

Meaning: son of Jack

Origin: Scottish

2. Liam

Meaning: Guardian

Origin: Irish

3. Noah

Meaning: To comfort

Origin: Hebrew

4. Aiden

Meaning: The fiery one

Origin: Gaelic

5. Caden

Meaning: Companion, Warrior, Spirit of Battle  

Origin: Arabic, English, Welsh

6. Grayson

Meaning: Son of the grey-haired one 

Origin: English 

7. Lucas

Meaning: Light

Origin: Latin

8. Mason

Meaning: One who works with stone

Origin: English

9. Oliver

Meaning: Olive tree planter 

Origin: Latin

10. Elijah

Meaning: My God is Yahweh

Origin: Hebrew

See the full list here.

Is your child's name part of the top 100? Did you regret the name you chose for your child at all? Tell us by emailing to and we could publish your letter. If you'd like to remain anonymous, let us know. 

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