30 kick-ass baby names for girls
Trying to be tactful in naming your baby girl? Here are 30 to choose from for your little diva.

Choosing a name for your baby girl can be as straightforward as picking a family name, or it could be quite a challenging exercise. Do you pick something that sounds nice, or do you go for a name based on its meaning?

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If you want to give your little daughter a head start in life with a kick-butt name, read on: we've put together 30 names for girls with prowess and moxie.

1. Ambrosia
Meaning: Immortal
Origin: Greek

2. Andiswa
Meaning: To make broad, to increase, to expand
Origin: Xhosa, Ndebele

3. Constance
Meaning: Steadfast
Origin: Latin, English

4. Edith
Meaning: Prosperous in war
Origin: English

5. Erica
Meaning: Eternal ruler
Origin: Norse

6. Faizia
Meaning: Successful
Origin: Indian, Arabic

7. Geraldine
Meaning: Mighty, ruler with the spear
Origin: German, French

8. Hafeeza
Meaning: Protector, guardian
Origin: Indian, Arabic

9. Imala
Meaning: Strong-minded, disciplinarian
Origin: Native American

10. Jalila
Meaning: Illustrious, famed
Origin: Arabic

11. Katleho
Meaning: Success
Origin: Basotho

12. Leona
Meaning: Lion
Origin: Latin, French 

13. Louise
Meaning: Hardworking, brave
Origin: Germanic

14. Mackenzie
Meaning: Leader, born of fire
Origin: Gaelic

15. Matilda
Meaning: Powerful battler
Origin: Germanic

16. Mamello
Meaning: Perseverance
Origin: Sesotho

17. Nekeisha
Meaning: Bold spirit
Origin: African American

18. Ndiliswa
Meaning: Respected
Origin: Xhosa

19. Nonyameko
Meaning: With endurance
Origin: Xhosa

20. Paballo
Meaning: Protection
Origin: Sesotho

21. Pragya
Meaning: Prowess, wisdom
Origin: Hindu, Indian

22. Ramatla
Meaning: Strength
Origin: Sesotho

23. Sayeeda
Meaning: Auspicious, leader
Origin: Arabic

24. Sloane
Meaning: Fighter
Origin: Celtic

25. Tansy
Meaning: Immortal
Origin: Greek

26. Tlotliso
Meaning: Honour
Origin: Sesotho

27. Tokoloho
Meaning: Freedom, independence
Origin: Sesotho

28. Valda
Meaning: Battle heroine, spirited in war
Origin: German, Teutonic

29. Yesmina
Meaning: Strength
Origin: Hebrew

30. Yusra
Meaning: The prosperous one
Origin: Arabic

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Do you have any strong names for girls you think should be included in our list? Email them to chatback@parent24.com, along with their meanings and origins.

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