WATCH: These made-up names people actually gave their children will have you ROTFL
Of all the baby naming sins, these are the worst, guaranteed!
You'll never guess how these names are pronounced. (Image: YouTube/Urban Pop Fanatic).

Baby name regret is one thing, combining both parents names to create a 'unique' name quite another, then there are these, let's just call them WTF names. 

In 2018, the world learned that Abcde is not only the first five letters of the alphabet; it's also an actual name. 

Pronounced Ab-sir-dee, the bizarre name went viral after an airline employee snapped and shared a photo of a five-year-old's plane ticket displaying her name. 

And according to Wiki, the name is not as rare as you'd think, with 328 children registered with the name in the US. 

Clearly having stumbled upon this and other hard-to-believe-exists names, one man is now sharing his (we're calling it) name trauma via Facebook. 

Appearing to be a teacher, the man writes a list of 'fancy' names that, to be honest, need their own entry in Ripley's, including, Sssst, Jkmn, and L-a. 

Watch the video below (or on YouTube) and play 'Guess how this names is pronounced' now: 

What's the most bizarre name you've heard?

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