WATCH: Ooh baby, baby! This family sang Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It in the delivery room... and other top songs to give birth to

After their epic version of Salt-N-Pepa's Push It in the delivery room, this family welcomed their beautiful baby girl, because, it's a thing – birth songs and playlists are real! So from the Frozen soundtrack to Pharrell's Happy, a study just revealed the most popular songs women listen to while giving birth.


Woman gives birth to 5.75kg baby without pain medication

This is the second biggest recorded birth at the Blacktown Hospital, in Australia’s Sydney’s west.


Twins who’d both suffered miscarriages give birth to daughters on same day

These identical twins never thought they’d give birth on the same day!


Birth videos: Beautiful natural birth videos

These women gave birth naturally, on video. Share in their beautiful experiences (Warning: explicit footage).


WATCH: "I witnessed my body take over and a baby be born into my hands": A mom gives birth to her 5th child in a moving car

Just when you think you're familiar with the miracle of birth, this happens! The Swinney family shared their incredible birth video and it's mind-blowing.


New Zealand minister welcomes baby boy 2 days after cycling to hospital

It was a beautiful morning, according to New Zealand's minister for women, so after 42 weeks of pregnancy she decided to hop on her electric bicycle and head to hospital to get induced.


Ten-year-old helps aunt deliver baby after watching videos on YouTube

Watching YouTube videos has paid off for 10-year-old Chloe Carrion, whose hours of watching videos helped her deliver her aunt’s baby.


Emotional soldier watches wife give birth over FaceTime

Brooks Lindsey from Mississippi in the US rushed back home after hearing that his wife, Haley, was about to give birth.


What to do when your baby is born before you get to the hospital

The most important thing is to keep the baby warm – put her on your chest covered with a warm towel.


Bring on the drugs! Pain relief options in childbirth

If you want to do vaginal birth, but want some medicated help in coping with labour pain, here’s what modern day medicine has to offer…


Recovering after an episiotomy or tear

You might find yourself in quite a bit of pain and discomfort after giving birth. Here are a few tips to make things a little easier and ensure you recover in no time.


What is back labour?

Many women prepare for the experience of birth by working on their health, exercising and becoming more educated about labour. One thing women hope they don't have is the dreaded 'back labour'. 


"I don't need no brothers and no dads, I need you": A mother awaiting her c-section got the sweetest speech from her son

It's a major medical procedure and can be a great stress for the family too. See what this boy told his mom before her surgery and read the real-life experiences and advice from moms who've had c-sections.


Episiotomy: everything you need to know

Few women delivering in hospitals today escape a ‘cut’ somewhere on their body – be it a caesarean cut or a perineal cut (episiotomy). And today, 80% of first-time mothers can expect to have an episiotomy.  So what exactly does it entail?


Nelia's birth story: At home water birth

Nelia Strydom shares her journey of birthing baby no. 2, and found that it's not always a quicker delivery the second time around.


Dying father welcomes his baby girl

For Aldi Fabricius from the Western Cape, the birth of her second child was both joyous and devastating, as her husband held onto life in his daughter’s early days…


Transgender man gives birth to a healthy little boy

He was born female but started taking hormones about 10 years ago.


WATCH: A gentle C-section

A C-section doesn't just have to be a cold and impersonal operation.


The Caesarian section rates in African countries

While women in certain first-world countries are able to select C-sections for any reason, those in many African countries are unable to access what could be a life-saving service.


Male midwife delivers dad and his newborn boy

Capetonian accoucheur Sydney Grové just delivered the son of a man he delivered 33 years ago.
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