"Babies come when they want"
Lizelle Van Rooyen recalls how nothing happened the way her gynae had explained it to her. 

My due date was the 7th of October - on my moms birthday, we were hoping our lil one would come a bit earlier as the 1st happens to be my dad's birthday. At my last gynae appointment I was assured that my angel will not come before the 7th & that we may even be looking at the 10th or 12th.

Gynae's are wrong!!! My first tip for expecting mom's. Babies come when THEY want.

On Friday 28th September 2012 I was still busy painting the toy box for nursery, earlier the day we (my mother and I) picked up my brothers children as school holidays started. They were staying with us for that week. Now normally I have tons of patience with them, not on this day - I wrote it off to be tired and my back being sore. Never the less we went to bed, having a whole fun filled weekend planned for the two kids.

Saturday morning 29/09 @ 3:30am. I wake up having to go to the loo, nothing new to me as this was "my time" During my whole pregnancy I had to go to loo at this time. As I got out of bed I felt a gush of liquid running down my leg, I thought I might have wet the bed because I took so long to go to loo.

At this stage I woke my mother, as my husband went to bed late the Friday morning and I wasn't sure I was in labor. My mom asked me a ton of questions, keeping in mind this is my first child ...so I don't know better. How much water? Was there blood? Do you have contractions?  UHM ja, I just had to pee mom.

For the next 3 hours me and mom are trying to figure out if I'm in labor or not... as I'm showing NONE of the symptoms the gynae explained---TIP 2.

My back was sore that was it, no cramping in front like a period pain. However the pain seemed to get worse and my hot water bottle didn't help anymore, I started to walk circles around living room coffee table, at this time my husband woke up asking if everything was okay. I told him he might need to cancel his plans for today, I think our baby is on his way.

At about 6:30am  we call my gynae on his cell needing advice --- his after cell number was diverted to consulting rooms. OMG what now??? So we called the hospital maternity ward, I was advised to rush to hospital ASAP.

We get to hospital and Im in labor, but only at 3cm. I was advise my gynae is off his partner will be there shortly, this was something past 7am. Back pain got worse, hubby had to rub hard to relief some of the pain.

I was instructed to get in the bed where they hooked me up to fetal monitor. The moment I was on my back the pain got worse. I was checked again, still 3 cm, gyni still on his way (he was at another hospital doing emergency C-section) the time past 9am. I asked if I could rather walk/stand ---TIP 3 gravity does help.

Nurse then advise me to take some of the GAS, to take the edge off. My birth plan was to not take drugs, just the gas.The gas did help for a while. 10am Gas stopped working. I was in pain, and went against my plan. I wanted epidural. Nurse then got me back in bed, checked again and still 3cm's.

She started to prep me for epidural, 10:15, Gynae still on his way & Im still in a lot of pain. Nurse advise they waiting on gynae to do epidural, they not allowed to give it, but she can give me the injection to take edge off, but it takes about an hour to kick in. Back on fetal monitor as the injection effects baby and he needs to be monitored. 10:30 I get checked again, still 3 cm, nurse gives me injection. Pain got worse fast, super fast.

Matron advise me its time to push, so when I feel pain I must push. 10:42 am Ethan was born at 3.3kg, no Gynae, no Drugs (injection only kicked in 30mins later) Ethan in my arms, nurses cleaning up & gynae makes his appearance just to give me 2stiches.

So now I know drugs are not needed.

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