Dad streams birth live on Facebook
Is live streaming your baby's birth going one step too far?

Ever since the invention of the camera dads have been documenting the births of their children. I follow a lot of family vloggers on YouTube who document their lives on the internet and whenever they are expecting a new member of the family you can bet your bottom dollar their will be a birth vlog.

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The world we live in is one where we share without even blinking an eye, from what we had for breakfast to a child coming into the world.

So birth videos are not a new thing whether you're recording it for your own memories to share with your nearest and dearest, or even, it seems, the world.

But what about live streaming your child's birth? I suppose it's about how it's done and what the parents feel comfortable with. Take this California couple for instance, Sarah Dome and Kali Kanongata'a. Sarah told CBC News that she was aware that her partner was filming the whole experience but she had no idea that he was live streaming it, but she was completely fine with it. "I was okay, I was just focused on pushing ... it is a beautiful thing, nothing to be ashamed of. And it didn't show too much so I'm okay," she said.

The video also shows expecting moms that birth isn't all screaming and anguish like Hollywood would have you believe. And while this video does give you an idea of what the nurses' roles are and how they help and support mom throughout the whole birthing process, one has to ask, is nothing intimate and sacred anymore?

The video is very respectful though with dad not showing any of her intimate parts and even putting the camera down for the moment his child actually enters the world at 37 minutes into the video.


Would you live stream the birth of your baby? Or do you think some things should just remain private? Send your opinion to

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