Let It Go and 19 other songs women actually listen to when giving birth
From the Frozen soundtrack to Pharrell's Happy, a study just revealed the most popular songs women listen to while giving birth. And let's just say, while some are fitting, others have us going, really? Guns N' Roses?
Do you have a special song that played when you gave birth to your little one? (iStock)

We often talk about our babies and music, whether it’s the kinds of sounds they react positively to or the fact that while you're pregnant and they’re nestling in your tummy, they can already hear and respond to your voice. In fact, research has shown that the heartbeat of your foetus slows down when it hears your voice. So once baby is born and recognises the sound of mommy’s voice, he immediately feels calm. Isn’t that something?

Babies remember sounds and songs from when they were in the womb – so there’s a lesson there: don’t be playing any Marvin Gaye – but sometimes we do need a little music ourselves to calm our nerves, especially as we’re steadily approaching our due dates. A lot of women actually have a playlist or a particular song playing when they’re giving birth. And in a new study conducted by Pampers, the company revealed exactly which kinds of songs and the most popular ones women listen to. 

While 40% of moms wanted something chilled, 37% wanted a song that was upbeat and happy. But the list the study came up with seems to be a combination of the two. 

Check out the top 20 songs below – there are a few good chuckles in here so all we'll ask is, "Ya'll ready for this?"

Did you have a playlist or specific song that played when you were giving birth? What was it? Tell us by emailing chatback@parent24.com and we may publish it on the site.

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