WATCH: Amy Schumer's re-imagining of what goes on in the delivery room is so accurate we're getting flashbacks watching it
Was the day your little one was born the best day of your life? Or do you too still get flashbacks of everything that went down? Did it go a little something like this?
We've heard a lot of birth stories, and seen some videos too, but this is as accurate as it's going to get. (Facebook)

In October last year Amy Schumer announced she was expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer. While she hasn’t given birth yet, we’ve got a sneak peak inside Amy Schumer’s delivery room and not only is it funny, it’s accurate.

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The skit originally appeared on Saturday Night Live just before Mother’s Day, a little before Schumer announced her pregnancy. It shows Schumer some years later, explaining to her little one that the day he was born was the best day of her life.

“The day you were born was amazing,” she says.

But then the flashbacks start…

“How much bigger can the hole get?”

“Don’t cut my butthole in half!”

“Am I pooping?”

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Because truth is, while it may have been the best day of your life, some, if not all these things, probably happened in that delivery room.

And yet we smile, soften our voices and try to stop our left eye from nervously twitching as we retell the horror beauty of childbirth.

So from the Saturday Night Live team and us:

“To all the moms in the world, thanks for pretending it was easy.”

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Was the day your little one was born the best day of your life? Do you too still get flashbacks of what went on in the delivery room? Tell us your birth story and we may publish it. You can choose to stay anonymous.

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