6 of the weirdest pregnancy stock images to ever exist
We take a trip down the weird and often disturbing road of stock photography.

The world of stock photography can be a weird and wonderful place. It's more often than not a great resource for us here at Parent24 but every now and again you come across a picture and think "Why? Who commissioned this? What would you ever use this picture for? Again, why does this exist?"

So many questions. Still no answers.

Here are the weirdest pregnancy ones we've come across on our stock image journey this year:

(Image credit: iStock)

This doesn't seem safe or like a good recommendation. Firstly, hypothermia is a real and very dangerous thing. Why are you not properly clothed for skiing? Why are you wearing underwear? Is skiing even safe when you're this far along? This could not have been a very comfortable shoot and I hope they paid this lady well.

(Image credit: iStock)

I don't know what's happening here. I... what? There are no words. Speechless is what I am. And why are her eyes orange? What type of article would you use this for? I don't know.

(Image credit: iStock)

I guess birth is so expensive you'd need to rob a bank? This is so creepy though!

(Image credit: iStock)

Is this the rabbit from Donnie Darko's mother? Would this be used for an Easter story? What kind of Easter story? Why does this photo exist? Once again, so many unanswered questions.

(Image credit: iStock)

Lumberjacks can fall pregnant too. Let's not be sexist here. Guys, I don't know. Once again stock photography has got me stumped. 

(Image credit: iStock)

Whyyyyyyy? My nightmares!

Could you enlighten us to why these exist? Because we're pretty clueless. Send us your thoughts to chatback@parent24.com and we could publish your theories.
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