Roxi and Susan’s big news
One try and Roxi’s glowing. Now to prepare baby Finn for a sibling on the way.
Finally I can sit here typing with my back to the world without the fear of a beast creeping up behind me and potentially causing me great harm. You see, for the past three months there’s been something lurking in our home, hiding behind uncleaned kitchen counters waiting to attack when you’re least expecting it.

This brute has taken the form of my once beloved Roxi, because, you see, she has been invaded by something that’s left her grumpy, snappy and truly terrifying – pregnancy hormones. Yes, my dearest Roxi is pregnant and baby number two is on his way: a brother for Finn due in April.

Thankfully, Roxi has managed to crawl her way out of the black hole of the first trimester and into the more forgiving second phase of pregnancy.

We have also discovered that Roxi is super fertile. After only one speedy insemination using the same donor as Finn, Roxi was pregnant, which for some reason left us both reeling in surprise. It’s not like it was an accident or anything. We had to book the fertility clinic, take time off work, pay money for the treatment and yet we were like, What? Pregnant? How did that happen? I guess we thought it might take longer. We were just finding our feet with this whole parenting business, only recently recovered from Finn’s arrival, and now this.

Are we nuts?

And so it’s back to square one – back to sleepless nights and incessant crying. Of course, we are totally in denial. There’s no way it’s going to be as tough as the first time round, right? I mean why would it be more difficult with a tantruming toddler thrown into the mix? This one’s going to sleep through the night at six weeks, it’s going to need to feed only once every four hours. We’ll hardly notice it’s there. Finn is going to lovingly accept his brother’s arrival, delighted to share the undivided adoring attention that’s been solely his for the past two-and-a-half years.

There’s always a chance, isn’t there?

I recently bumped into an ex neighbour of mine – a panel beater whose wife had just given birth to their Baby Number Two. He was wandering the vegetable aisles, and looked like he might have been doing that for some time. As he stood mindlessly throwing potatoes into a plastic bag, I told him about our second pregnancy. He looked at me with a hint of glee in his staring bloodshot eye, and said, ‘Don’t think it’s twice as much work, it’s more like eight times the work.’
Eight times? Is that even humanly possible?

Finn has also been tentative about the arrival of his brother. When we first found out Roxi was pregnant, about 13 seconds after it actually happened (the joys of fertility treatment), we stood squealing in shocked delight at the pregnancy test stick, which lay glaring at us on the toilet seat. Finn, who had obliviously been emptying the bookshelf for the second time since 6am, heard our commotion and called out,

‘Whatchoo talkin bout?’

We huddled around him and the heap of bent books.

‘Mama is going to have a baby,’ I smiled at him warmly. He eyed Roxi suspiciously.

‘There’s a baby in mama’s tummy,’ I said pointing enthusiastically at Roxi’s flat stomach. He continued to look unimpressed.

What’s its name going to be?’ Roxi tried, slowly rubbing her tummy. Finn thought for a second and then announced moodily, ‘Bubblegum.’

Baby Bubblegum is growing rapidly, leaving Roxi looking delicious with glowing hair and skin and a compact little bump that contains our future. When you touch it, there’s a little foot, or arm, that pushes back at you. And truth be told, Bubblegum can scream solidly for six months and we are still going to fall head over heels in love with him. We already have.

Is the second child more or less tricky than the first?

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