'Happy, healthy, safe': Katy Perry expresses her hopes for her unborn baby girl
Singer Katy Perry recently shared her hopes for her unborn daughter while delivering a speech at a virtual event.
Katy Perry is already embracing her new role. (katyperry/Instagram)

With a few short months to go before singer and first-time mom Katy Perry welcomes her baby daughter, the celeb is already embracing her new role. 

While speaking at a virtual LGBTQI+ equality awareness event, Stonewall Day, Katy said that her hope for her child was "the same wish every mother has for their kids."

"The wish I have for my child is that she'll be happy and healthy and safe." 

She went on to highlight the current crises in her country regarding police brutality and discrimination against black Americans. 

The singer is expecting her first child with her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom. 

Watch the video above for more. 


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