Mom Olivia's Wilde side
When a parent needs to protect their young, they can be ruthless and stop at nothing. The House actress clearly states how she feels about her space.

If looks could kill... the photographer who snapped this pic of Olivia Wilde would be dead and buried already.

The actress took to Instagram to send a rather clear message to all paparazzi photographers, sneaking around trees and bushes, trying to capture images of pregnant celebs.

But even though Wilde's quite direct and clear about how she feels, she did include some humour in her post. 

It is a little creepy to be stalked by someone with a camera garnished with a massive lens, thereby making you feel like a wild animal, and she does make a valid point - it is seldom a woman doing it.

But she brings out her animal instinct, along with some humour, in the hashtag "mamawolfwillcutyou".

Wilde is no stranger to venting her thoughts and opinion on social media. Last month she tweeted about able-bodied people on the "subway" (the train), who don't relinquish their seats for highly pregnant women.

She also rather vocal, albeit subtly, about her support for Hillary Clinton running for president of the United States.

What are your thoughts about Olivia's rant – are her thoughts justified or should she deal with the fact that she's a celebrity and it's almost guaranteed that the paparazzi will be trying to take pictures of her? Share you thoughts by emailing

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