Pink's advice for new moms
The singer is 3 months post partum and telling new moms to stay off that scale!

Society has an unnecessary obsession with women's bodies. Even more so once she falls pregnant and, lord have mercy, if she hasn't shed that weight soon after baby arrives.

I mean, what are you even doing with your time if you're not busy losing weight? Surely not taking care of a newborn. What do babies even do besides eat and sleep? If that's your thinking, please just take several seats and leave my company please.

Yet, even while they are pregnant, women are concerned with how much weight they're gaining. And then there's the pressure to lose that weight that makes me so mad! 

Celebrities are especially prone to this scrutiny. How many headlines have you seen saying, "Check out her post-baby body!" or "She's lost all the weight in just 4 weeks!" Ugh, stop it! 

Well, Pink is saying don't give in to that pressure. Here she is 3 months after welcoming beautiful Jameson Moon Hart to the world and, to be honest, she's back in the gym, looking strong and healthy.

Look how cute he is!

At 76kg and 1.6m, according to the WHO she would be considered overweight. By tabloid magazine standards, she'd be obese. But come on! She just looks like your normal, average everyday woman. And she's here to tell you there's nothing wrong with that!

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