'My breasts are tender': 250 Pregnancy emojis you need to use
From "baby's kicking" to "my water just broke"... share your pregnancy niggles with the world using these amazing emojis.

Every pregnancy is different, but one thing they all have in common are the mixed emotions and sore bodies. And if you're one of those pregnant moms or if your partner is expecting, you're also aware of how much they like to express how they feel. 

Pregnancy emojis lets you do just that. In 2015, three best friends all had new babies and were going through the same experiences. Only problem was, they couldn't find any emoji to express what was really happening in their lives as a new mom. That's how EmojiMom was born.

Sarah Robinson said in an interview with BuzzFeed that texting becomes a lifeline when you're pregnant: "When you’re pregnant or a new mom, texting is more than fun — it’s actually a lifeline.”

Is it available on Android and iOS?

The package is currently only available on iOS ($1,99) and the team is busy working on making the app available in Google Play.

Watch this short (and funny) video about EmojiMom and what you can expect in the app:

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