'These three munchkins already have personalities of their own!': A-Bundlely-Blessed Diaries #5
From mother of one to expectant mom of triplets plus one, Chantelle Whittles shares her pregnancy journey with us in The A-Bundlely Blessed Diaries.
But realistically, we’ll only be able to figure things out once the babies have arrived. And even after that, I’m almost certain we’ll be in survival mode for the first couple of months. (Supplied)

If you thought planning after the gender reveal was going to be easier… it isn’t! 

Now that we know we’re expecting two boys and one girl, proper prepping for their arrival can finally begin.

Or at least, that’s what we hoped.

Don’t get me wrong, things are slowly falling into place. But realistically, we’ll only be able to figure things out once the babies have arrived. And even after that, I’m almost certain we’ll be in survival mode for the first couple of months. 

I’ve always been someone who plans ahead. So naturally, I’ve been keeping a close eye on specials for baby products. I’ve also made it my mission to compare prices of different baby items that we’ll need and so far I’ve gotten some great deals on a few basics. 

I recently went to a baby expo in Cape Town and found some great steals on baby products, nappies and wipes.

Although I don’t want to buy too much before the babies are born, I need to start preparing for their arrival.

Also, walking around in the mall is starting to take its toll on me, so I want to try to do as much as I can, while possible. 

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But can one really plan ahead for three babies? 

Besides trying to stock up on things they’ll need, we’re keeping an open mind and already mentally preparing ourselves for how our lives and current routines are going to change. 

So far, what’s kept us sane is the fact that we have a wonderful gynae. When I found out that I was pregnant this time around, I was in search of a new gynae, as my previous one decided not to do deliveries anymore.

Thankfully we found one, who is so supportive and who will see me through this whole process. 

We also couldn’t have asked for a sweeter specialist. She’s been so patient, and at times excited to see the babies too, during every visit.

And never felt annoyed when one of the babies didn’t co-operate on the day. These three munchkins already have personalities of their own! Sometimes we have to take a break just for the one to co-operate. 

Support from family and friends is so vital

I think one of the most important things to have during any pregnancy is support. Support from family and friends is so vital. And this time around we’re receiving so much love and support.

Not only from those close to us, but even people we don’t know. The prayers and words of encouragement is what’s brought us this far, and for that we are truly thankful. 

I’ve joined a few Facebook support groups - Mamahood Cape Town and the South African Multiple Birth Association.

I also joined a WhatsApp group, Moms of Multiples, which is based in Cape Town. These groups are open 24/7, and the aim is to support each other through our pregnancies and parenting journeys.

And so far I’ve picked up a few useful tips that I’ll definitely implement once the babies are a bit older. 

So for now, my goal is just to keep these babies inside for as long as possible. And once they’ve arrived, it will be all hands on deck.

I can already picture our own little production line at home, feeding, burping and changing nappies. And of course, the bath routines and LOADS of laundry we’ll have to do. 

But I’m sure we’ll be okay, maybe not at first, but we’ll get there. Trial and error, Chantelle. Trial and error.

Until next time… 

A-Bundlely Blessed and me. 

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