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Getting Ready

5 things you need to know to prepare for your government hospital birth

From official documentation, your rights as a patient and even booking your hospital bed, we get practical about exactly what will be required of you when heading to your local government hospital to give birth.

Getting Ready

How to have a baby on a budget

You’ve heard of budget holidays, low-cost airlines, and cheap-and-cheerful restaurants. Now here’s your definitive guide to having a baby on a shoestring.

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“To my shock and horror… I fell pregnant!”: A reader shares what it’s like to dread pregnancy and childbirth

Inspired by an article describing tokophobia, an extremely rare fear of all things motherhood, a Parent24 reader shares her inspiring story.

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Are antenatal classes worth it? Real moms and experts weigh in

Antenatal classes empower parents to navigate the pregnancy journey, birth and beyond. The classes cover pregnancy, childbirth and certain child care elements (like how to bath a baby). However, are antenatal classes worth it?

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5 apps to track your pregnancy

Once you know you’re pregnant, you want to keeping track of your baby’s growth 24/7 and doctor check-ups just don’t happen frequently enough to match the excitement of the situation.

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Here's how to explain pregnancy and birth to your toddler

Educating your little one about the birds and the bees in an age-appropriate way is a tricky task. We've compiled a few useful resources to help you teach your firstborn the basics of pregnancy and birth.

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Awkward questions you’ve always wanted to ask your preggie friends

Three moms-to-be answer all our pregnancy questions.

Getting Ready

Baby-proof your relationship with these tough conversations

You’ve got the baby room ready and all the kit you need – but is your relationship ready for the birth? It’s time to tackle some tough conversations, before baby arrives.

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Scared of childbirth? Here's how to boost your confidence

There’s no doubt – labour is intensely physical! But there’s an enormous amount of mental energy that comes with the experience and being mentally and emotionally prepared will take you a long way, writes Tina Otte.

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These dads' hilarious responses to their partner's first pregnancy will have you in stitches

Complete with tales of flatulence and all, first-time dads recount their partner's first pregnancy.

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Dads, tell us, were you at all prepared for that first pregnancy?

It won't all be sunshine and roses. You, Dad, are going to have to toughen up! Here are some tips we think might help!

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Taking your bump on the road

Tips to keep you and your precious baby safe and comfortable no matter what your mode of travel.

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Scary advice that puts most women off pregnancy

Actress Samkelo Ndlovu recently announced she’s expecting a bundle of joy. While some were happy for her, others used that chance to share their scary experiences with motherhood. Here are common comments that put most women off pregnancy.

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When fathers get morning sickness

Sympathetic pregnancy (Couvade Syndrome) is a well-documented, though rare phenomenon, whereby expectant dads experience symptoms common to pregnancy, such as morning sickness, weight-gain and cravings.

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Yes! South African dads are getting paid paternity leave!

Yesterday a bill was passed in Parliament that will allow fathers to spend 10 working days at home with their new families. Here's what you need to know.

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“My uterine fibroids almost killed me — now I have a miracle baby”

“You’re stronger than you feel, you have more options than you think, and you are not alone.” Gessie Thompson shares her incredible story.

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Why you should re-think your lube if you’re trying to get pregnant

Popular OTC products can mean bad news for his swimmers.

Pregnancy health

How Yoga Helped This Woman Cope With Her Pregnancy

“I did a yoga class the day before I gave birth.” Adelline Malema shares her yoga journey before, during and after her pregnancy.

Getting Ready

Keep comfy in these maternity basics

Your maternity wear doesn't have to be elaborate. Keep it simple and easy with these basic items.


Printable: Baby Layette list of everything baby will need

So you're expecting your very first bundle of joy, here are the things you might want to add to your shopping list.

Getting Ready

How to embrace your bump: gorgeous maternity fashion

Rhodé Marshall checks how mommies-to-be are adjusting their wardrobe, and also chats to Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa about her latest maternity range.

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Everything about baby showers!

Throwing a baby shower for your close friend or sister? Or simply looking for ideas to plan your own? We've got you covered!
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