15 questions to ask your medical aid before you fall pregnant
Some important questions to ask about their maternity benefits.

Don't assume that because you have a medical aid, that your pregnancy, birth and aftercare will all be covered.

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Whether you're shopping around for a medical fund or already have one, ensure you ask the following questions:

  • Do I have to use a specific hospital or doctor?
  • What happens if I want to use a hospital or doctor that's not in the scheme's network?
  • Are my maternity benefits additional or subject to my family's overall limits?
  • What happens if my out-of-hospital benefits run out before my pregnancy is over?
  • Am I covered for delivery by a midwife?
  • Am I covered for a specialist (obstetrician or gynaecologist), or only a GP?
  • What type of scans am I covered for? (For example 2D or 3D scans)
  • What type of screenings am I covered for? (For example noninvasive prenatal testing and amniocentesis)
  • Am I covered for antenatal classes?
  • How am I covered for my confinement and delivery? (For example full cover or 100% medical scheme rates)
  • Am I covered for a caesarian?
  • Am I covered for a home birth?
  • Am I covered for a water birth? 
  • Am I covered for any post-natal consultations?
  • What benefits are there for my baby's first year?

Also note that you have to join a medical aid BEFORE you fall pregnant, otherwise you pregnancy may not be covered at all. 

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