5 reasons to choose a Doona
Here's why the Doona is the perfect way to transport your new bundle of joy.


When you’re pregnant for the first time and looking at travel systems, there are just so many options to choose from and it can be confusing. Keeping in mind that this is something that all your kids will probably use, it’s a buy that parents spend a lot of time thinking about and weighing the pros and cons.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a Doona for your baby’s first travel system.

1. Easier for mom

Both parents are involved when making decisions about the big buys like the cot, pram and car seat. But it seems that dads tend to gravitate towards the bigger, bulkier systems as they seem more sturdy and while it’s easy for dad to get the big pram out of the boot and clip the car seat in, moms struggle a bit more.

And the chances are that mom is going to going out alone a lot with the little one, not only while on maternity leave but maybe while popping to the shops for something or another. And it can be such an effort to lug the massive pram out of the boot and then wrestle the car seat out to deal with.

The Doona simply unfolds from car seat to pram at the push of a button - easy and convenient!

2. Trading up

The Doona is classed as a 0+ car seat which means it’s only safe up till your baby is 13kgs (around 1 year’s old). Which means you’ll need to get a new car seat and pram. But the car seats that come with travel systems tend to be Class 0 which only goes to 9kgs which means you’d have to trade up earlier.

By the time babies move into those bigger car seats, parents have gotten tired of the big pram and have more than likely bought a lightweight stroller.

3. Innovation

The Doona is in one word: cool. The concept to so awesome and simple that you might wonder how has this not been thought of before now. Doona is the brain-child of Yoav Mazar: “From my small designer’s workshop, I set a clear goal in mind: To transform the infant car seat into something safe yet simple and practical.”

4. Safety

Not only has the Doona been SABS approved, but it also been has been tested to meet the stringent European and US standards for Car-Seats, Strollers, Reclined Cradles (EU) and Hand-held Carriers (US).

It’s also one of the few car seats that has been Aircraft Approved and it has been certified by the US and European authorities for air travel. And because it folds out into a pram, you won’t need to take an additional stroller along on the flight.

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5. Accessories

While the Doona does lack an undercarriage for storage, there are so many options to accessorise it to compensate for that.

The Essentials Bag is perfect for carrying your everyday essentials like your purse, wallets, keys and sunglasses. It’s compact and light-weight and specifically designed to maintain your Doona’s stability and prevent an entanglement hazard               

The All Day Bag is perfect for a full day out and like the Essentials Bag is designed to maintain your Doona’s stability.

The Snap on Storage is another great way to store your extra stuff.  And while it looks small it can handle up to 3kgs of things you’d need while out and about.

Safety, simplicity and mobility: the Doona™ ISOFIX Base allows you to have it all. The European ISOFIX system ensures correct installation every time. Our secure click-in and easy click-out provides effortless mobility for busy parents on-the-go.

The Sunshade Extension increases the shaded area of your Doona and is particularly handy in those hot, summer months. The additional protective layers provides enhanced UV protection (UPF>50).

The Rain Cover keeps your baby dry when you need to be out and about in the rainy weather. It has a wide zipper opening for quick and easy access. There are also side vents for air flow.

The Wheel Covers keeps your car clean, prevents stains and soiling on vehicle upholstery .

The handy Travel Bag is great for easy transport of your Doona when it's not in use. It provides cover and protection for your Doona while in storage.

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