Get cosy with the Cozy Rocker Napper 3-in-1
This rocker is great for playtime, feeding time and even naptime.

If you’re new to the world of babies, you may not know what a rocker or bouncer is. But if you have had a baby, you’ll know just how very handy they are.

Rockers and bouncers are baby seats designed to let baby safely sit in a comfortable position and watch the world around them, saving mom’s back for a few minutes. The baby’s movements will encourage the seat to “bounce” or make rocking movements. Some bouncers have an electronic vibrating setting, tunes, or hanging toys to entertain baby.

So why do we like the Cozy Rocker Napper?

What makes Tiny Love’s 3-in-1 Rocker Napper so very useful, is that it offers three different reclining positions which means you can use it in even more situations, saving you having to buy lots of different baby equipment.


When baby is awake, switch the rocker to the comfy reclining position and allow baby to watch you clean the house, make his purée or run the bath, all the while talking to him. (We wouldn’t officially suggest having baby watch you spend a penny, but we all know that happens anyway!) It helps to include baby in everyday life and the family’s conversations, developing his social skills.

A cute musical toy stimulates your baby’s developing senses, and when they’re older, encourages them to practise their grasping skills – don’t be concerned if at first your baby wants to hit the toy… that’s all part of getting there. The toy can play 9 different tunes perfect for playtime and more quiet periods.

The Rocker Napper features gentle rocking movements and vibrations that can help soothe baby and develop body sensation and control. Parents can control the level of stimulation by activating or deactivating the product’s various features.

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless, try reducing the level of stimulation and examine baby’s reaction. Let baby enjoy the hanging overhead toys without the music & lights feature or the vibrations and gradually try introducing the additional features.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems uninterested or bored, increase the level of stimulation while monitoring baby’s reaction. Rock the Rocker back and forth, add the vibrations and draw baby’s attention to the dangling toys.


When it’s feeding time, you can switch the mode so baby sits in a suitable position, strapped in, enabling you to use both hands to feed your baby his lunch. The middle position can help babies who suffer from reflux digest their food with ease.


And come naptime, the Cosy Rocker Napper converts into a perfectly flat 180-degree position, great for posture development, with raised borders for adding protection. Unlike the other Rocker Nappers in the product range, the Cosy has a pullover canope to help create a serene environment so your baby can switch off from outside stimulation and bright light.


Not only can you move the Rocker Napper easily about the house, but it’s super convenient to take out with you on picnics and visits to friends. And if you go travelling, you can leave the camp cot and travel with the smaller, lighter Cosy Rocker Napper instead. It’s also easy peasy to switch it from one position to the next.

It grows with baby and is ideal from birth to 12 months, but they may not want to give it up yet and can safely be used up to 18 kg.

Good vibrations

In all three positions, you can switch on soothing movements to rock your baby. About a fifth of all babies suffer from colic. The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper’s vibrating movements could help babies' immature digestive system and ease their discomfort.

But remember, some babies love vibrations while others don’t. First see whether your baby is happy with the motions.

See it in action here:

2015 Awards

Cribsie Academy Star: Cozy Rocker Napper

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