WATCH: 9 months with Courteney Cox is "so intimate, so raw and so truthful"
A new docuseries that follows 15 couples through the pregnancy journey recently premiered on Facebook Watch and it's so full of emotion, we're already mentally preparing ourselves for the full nine-month journey.
Courteney Cox shares her 9 month journey carrying Coco as she narrates the new Facebook Watch docuseries, 9 Months with Courteney Cox. (Facebook)

Brandi and Lawrence are best friends living together in Los Angeles. They’re gay and want to have a baby. So they decide to do it together.

In Colorado, Lauren and Steve have been married for 8 years and recently happily found out they are pregnant after trying for a while. Days after, they also find out Lauren has breast cancer.

And across the country in Minnesota, Angelina and Andrew, both 19 years old, just found out that they are expecting. “It was very shocking,” said Andrew. “I didn’t want to believe it.”

Three couples with three very different situations make up the first episode of the new docuseries 9 Months with Courteney Cox, and the journey, like the series, is just as the mom and Friends star describes it: “So intimate, so raw and so truthful.”

The docuseries that premiered on Facebook Watch at the end of January shows the nine-month journey of 15 different families across America with Courteney Cox as the host. Touching on her own experiences carrying Coco, her daughter with now ex-husband David Arquette, she narrates the 20 episode series. 

“I remember those nine months as a whole other life,” she says. “Before that baby was born I was questioning everything. It’s a chance to do something extraordinary and terrifying. There’s struggle and heartbreak and joy. And on the other end… there’s life.”

With the first 4 episodes available and new episodes released every Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ve already added the docuseries to our weekly viewing. Like the journey of pregnancy itself, the show is full of emotion – both the good and bad kind – and we're committed for the full 9 months.

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Watch the season one episode one below:

For more episodes visit the 9 Months with Courteney Cox Facebook page

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