5 surprises of pregnancy
Things they don’t tell you about being pregnant, according to a first-time pregnant mom.
I love being pregnant and feel truly blessed but talk about a metamorphosis of my body. With my first trimester underway, I don’t even recognize my own body anymore.

Do you really know what morning sickness is?

Make friends with your toilet. You’ll be spending so much time there in your first trimester that the smell of toilet duck won’t faze you anymore. Midwives, doctors and baby books won’t prepare you for morning sickness. It comes when you least expect it.

It’s like your mother-in-law’s surprise visit – you’ll never be prepared as it always catches you unaware. And don’t be fooled by the name “morning sickness”. It’s a lie. It happens anytime of the day.

A suggestion: ginger tea really does work for puking and sour worms stops nausea dead in its tracks.

The cramps are mild?

I once read a health book that said “if you suffer from severe pregnancy cramps, breathe”. If I was hyperventilating, then yes, breathing would be ideal. But I’m suffering from killer cramps. Breathing is not what I want to do. I want drugs – but drugs are not advisable. They are worse than period cramps and the intensity of the cramps is crazy. And FYI, hot water bottle induces early labour so that’s not an option.

A suggestion: rest your tummy on a soft pillow. You’ll be so surprised at how a simple pillow can ease cramps.

The need to pee (and poop)

Some women experience the need to urinate often only after their first trimester is over. Lucky moms-to-be. If you’re the unfortunate ones like me, you’ll have this need to pee…all the time. Bathroom visits are so often, you can’t be fussy. If you never used to visit the mall bathroom, those notions will soon change.

While we’re on bathroom duty, many women won’t admit this, but your poop changes colour too. Don’t be shy about it, because you know it’s true. The reason behind the change in colour is because of the folic acid that you’re taking; add in the other vitamins and things will definitely change down there. And what goes in, must come out, even if it’s a different colour.

A suggestion: even if you weren’t a fan at first, like me, eating fruit and drinking plenty of water (which also prevents dehydration) keeps everything in perfect order.

Your dear sweet naïve husband

Now that you’re pregnant, that sweet man doesn’t even recognize you anymore. Hell, you’re lucky if you still recognize you. He knows you’re enduring a life-altering change but just as surprised when you go from his loving wife to Emily Rose (you know the chick in the Exorcist). From crazy late night cravings to moods as crazy as the Cobra ride, it really is all new for our poor husbands.

A suggestion: Spend the day at home, alone together, relaxing, watching TV and having the favorite foods you both like. Couple time is important to both of you. He’ll love you so much more for that.

‘I think I’m going crazy’

Don’t worry, you’re not paranoid, going crazy or experiencing dementia like I sometimes think I am. They’re called pregnancy fears. I’ve been told they’re normal. If you’ve always been in control over everything, you soon realise that being pregnant is the one thing that you’re not in control of. Here are 5 fears I’ve had:
  • Is my baby okay?
  • What if my baby’s not healthy and it’s my fault?
  • Am I doing everything to ensure my baby is okay and getting all the nutritional health needed?
  • Am I going to be a good parent?
  • What if my something happens to me or my baby during labour? Will my husband be able to cope?

As my husband says ‘stop stressing, everything is going to be okay’. And honestly that’s my advice to you. It’s all normal and everything really is going to be okay.

What took you by surprise when you were pregnant?

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