Good morning, sickness
The second trimester dawns, so when does all that promised blooming begin, asks Suki Lock.
The day has arrived: the second trimester. The time often called the best time of your pregnancy and I quote, ‘With nausea most likely a thing of the past, you’re positively blooming right now… you’ve also probably said goodbye to the tiredness of early pregnancy’ and ‘You’re glowing!’

This might all be true, but on the day I entered my second trimester, I woke up tired and yes, nauseous. I promptly announced to hubbie, ‘I’m now officially in the second trimester, so why am I so incredibly tired, and why am I still nauseous?’

He grunted and used some astronomical analogy to explain that these things do not happen at the strike of a clock. Quite apt, I am after all an avid stargazer, but really one of those times all I wanted was an ‘I’m sure it will be over soon, bokkie.’

Why I love the nausea

Although – if I am completely honest – I do not think I want the morning sickness to be over. I kind of like it. Yes, yes it is awful. And yes, spending (mostly afternoons) lying on the floor next to the loo (on my comforter) so that I have easy access is no fun. And easy access was needed, as for a while there the simple act of lifting my head would bring on stunning digestive pyrotechnics.


I am moving on in my pregnancy and morning sickness has gone from mild annoyance to overpowering control of my day (planning what I ate, drank and when I ate and drank it according to what would hurt the least on the way up).  Now I am left with that feeling of nausea that is stuck just out of reach in your throat, and I don’t want it to go away. Well I do, but I don’t.

And here’s why:

•    I don’t look pregnant yet (I had quite a lengthy telephone conversation explaining to my youngest sister that I can’t tell her the shape ‘I am carrying’ as it still looks the same).
•    I don’t always feel pregnant. I am tired, but that might now get better. I have a DVD showing a little baby in there, but the scan is from a week ago and getting more out of date by the second.

Having morning sickness gives me reassurance. It is that pat on the back that says, ‘It is okay, things are progressing, your baby is doing fine.’

Take morning sickness away and I have lost that comfort. Even if it is a physically horrible experience, it still makes me feel better emotionally.

But I do embrace this next phase of my pregnancy. I look forward to glowing and having renewed energy. I even look forward to whatever shape my belly will end up being.

And I hope that the nausea ends, but maybe it will hang around just a little longer. Just until I have a new form of comfort – when I can feel those first kicks.

Do you find the symptoms of pregnancy comforting?

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