How I lost my centre of gravity
Before falling pregnant, learn to ride a bicycle, recommends Dani Ndebele.
The thing I remember the most about being pregnant is how clumsy I became. It seemed as if my entire sense of coordination ceased to exist. In the past, I could make my way around a gift shop with all its pretty little fragile things with the greatest of ease. I was now incapable of such dexterity.

It would have helped if I could see where my feet were going or even control what my stomach was going to bump over or at the very least if they would make the damn aisles wider. I seemed to sway like a ship on the sea with no way to counter the movements one way or the other. So here I was, a great lumbering accident waiting to happen. 

I asked other pregnant moms if they had the same problem, but most of them seemed to be able to prance around with great agility. Only one or two shared my pain. I began to wonder what was up with me. 

I have decided that it’s because I had never learnt to ride a bicycle. I am convinced that as a child this is a valuable motor skill that must be learnt to acquaint you with your centre of gravity in order to prepare you for those times when you have absolutely no control of your body mass.

Pregnant speed eating

I felt that it would be safest if I just sat down and stayed in one spot. Usually this meant that I was at a table – which had food on it.  This, however, proved to be another disaster zone. Here was me, with an enormous stomach with my breasts draped over it, and I was supposed to find my mouth? I found this to be a little bit complicated and more often than not, the food ended up on my chest. I once decided to tuck the serviette into my collar to prevent further embarrassment, but my husband said that it was not a good look, so that was that.  

In the end, I resigned myself to being extra careful whilst navigating the food to my mouth. This was more successful, but unfortunately it meant that I couldn’t eat at the normal pace. This meant my blood sugar level plummeted to an all time low, and I was at the point of biting somebody’s head off. At such times, I threw caution to the wind and shoveled whatever was before me into my mouth and hoped that the speed of motion would prevent any spillages along the way.

Note to all: this is a side-effect of pregnancy not often mentioned and I thought people need to be enlightened.  The best one can do to assist a pregnant women suffering from this malaise is to just BACK OFF!

Well, all I know is that my daughter will definitely learn to ride a bicycle!

Are you staying balanced through pregnancy? Or do you feel more unstable?

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