The final stretch
How do you deal with how uncomfortable the third trimester is?
“Are you sure it’s not twins?” This is a question I got asked a lot on Eid day by various family members. That’s how big I’m carrying. I’m short and so the big belly is usually greeted before I am. I don’t get annoyed, my family is excited, they’ve been waiting for four years for this little one. And I can’t wait for him to be here either, mostly because this third trimester has gotten very uncomfortable and awkward.

I’m currently 32 weeks into this wonderful journey and I’m looking like you could probably roll me around, it would be faster than the glacial pace I’m currently walking at.

I shouldn’t be complaining. It took me a long time to conceive and I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy compared to most, I haven't had any pregnancy health complications, thank God! It’s wonderful to feel my son moving around and kicking. It’s a reassurance after having suffered a miscarriage that he’s alive and well.

But the trips to the toilet every half an hour are annoying, especially in the middle of the night when the bathroom is all the way down the passage, it’s cold and my cat’s favourite hobby is tripping me in the dark. [Side note:  How soon after birth does this constant peeing stop?]

I’ve luckily not had any heartburn but what I have had is acid reflux at night. Being woken up by it is not fun. No wonder babies cry when they get this. It’s awful! At first I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away. Big mistake! It just got worse. I haven’t had to resort to the dreaded Gaviscon yet, a glass of milk has been doing the job. Unfortunately that just exacerbates the constant peeing problem.

My back aches in awkward places because my boy is getting so heavy and I can’t sleep on any one side for very long. I’ve tried the pregnancy pillow but it’s so big and awkward and my poor husband has very little space to get a good night’s rest.

Then there is the very unpleasant case of what I’ve been told is called “lightning crotch”. Painful stabs that last a few seconds that can hit at any given time. Which pretty much freezes me for a few minutes and my face gets a very pained look. Amusing for some, frightening for my husband. The first thing I’m teaching my son when he gets out is to not head butt girls in the vagina. It’s rude.

This last stretch is tiring, it’s uncomfortable and as much as I just want him out, now is the time that he is developing his lungs and gaining weight so he can survive this outside world. And I want him to have the best start he can possibly have. So I'll put up with the aches, pains, acid reflux and toilet trips a million times over. All for him.

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What was your experience of the last trimester?

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