GRAPHIC: Burn victim bares all for pregnancy shoot
There's beauty to be found in all of us.

A lot of women feel self-conscious of how they look, even if it's a little scar here or there. But did you ever stop for a minute and think about how burn victims may feel?   

Andrea Grant is no different. In 2001 when Andrea was just 8 years old, her home burnt down due to a gas leak which then led to an explosion. Not only was her home destroyed and burnt to the ground, her skin was severely burnt as well.

It's now 15 years later and Andrea is still living with those scars. Doctors told her that if she wanted to have a baby some day, the child would not survive past the fourth month of pregnancy because her skin would not be able to stretch as much as it needed to in order to accommodate the growing baby. 

But she's gone and proved them wrong, Andrea is now 41 weeks pregnant and still going strong. What was her secret? Applying lotion twice a day to keep her skin's elasticity.

She also celebrated her pregnancy by doing a beautiful pregnancy photoshoot. 

Here's a look at her pregnancy photoshoot:

1. Baby Marcus Jackson Jr

2. Life is worth living 

Life Is Worth Living With Scars Photographer?? @terrence_armand Hair ???? @stylesbytaylor ??OutFit @whyboutique

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3. 'I learned to love myself unconditionally'

I learned to love myself unconditionally, Because I am a queen #BurnSurvivor photo by : @Terrence_Armand

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4. Pregnancy in all its glory 

5. A mother's love knows no bounds

God Has Truly Blessed Me Beyond Measures

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