Tackling scars and stretch marks
Stretch marks are a big concern for pregnant moms, here's how you can prevent them.


Pregnant women have used Bio-Oil, the number one scar and stretch mark product in 21 countries, including South Africa, safely for over 25 years to prevent the formation of stretch marks. It also works wonders on caesarean scars, dehydrated, itchy skin, and pigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy.

Pregnancy stretch marks

Stretch marks are probably the most discussed skin adaptation that occurs during pregnancy. Nearly every woman thinks or worries about them. They develop in 50-90% of all pregnant women usually appearing in the latter half of the pregnancy.

Dermatologist Dr Ayesha Moolla says, “Stretch marks are a form of scar tissue. They are caused by a rapid weight gain or expansion in body-shape that results in tiny tears in the dermal layer of skin, which subsequently results in scar formation or stretch marks.

According to gynaecologist Dr Jana Rossouw “Stretch marks are most likely to form on the abdomen, but can also occur on the breasts, hips and thighs – any area that experiences rapid growth.

Preventing stretch marks is far easier than treating them. The best defence against stretch marks is to ensure that skin maintains its maximum elasticity throughout pregnancy. This is achieved by keeping skin well hydrated and supple.

Lynne Bluff, leading childbirth educator and editor of The Expectant Mother’s Guide says: “I actively encourage all pregnant women to use Bio-Oil daily, throughout their pregnancy. The results are outstanding and have proven themselves over many years. From the feedback I have received it is considered to be the most effective means of preventing stretch marks.”

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Caesarean scar management advice

While statistics show that 76% of births, across both public and private hospitals in South Africa, are by caesarean section, there is very little information available about how best to care for a caesarean “cut” to minimise scarring.

Experts recommend taping with micro-pore tape as this supports the skin, reducing stress around the wound and thereby lessening the scar tissue that forms. Plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Lazarus recommends taping for up to a year after the birth of your baby. Regular application of an oil, such as Bio-Oil, with gentle massage can improve moisture and maintain scar elasticity.

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