Why we don't stand up for pregnant women
Here's why some people don't stand up for pregnant women.

Our readers respond to an article published on Parent24 called "Why do people not stand up for pregnant women?"

Hi Parents24 team!

I read the article on standing up for pregnant women, and would like to wave a small flag for the non-upstanding citizens out there (at the risk of being hung, drawn and quartered by the moms).

Just because we look able-bodied, doesn't mean we are. And it is quite harsh and horribly stereotypical to cast a quick eye over the people sitting around you and decide who should be able to stand up and who not, judging only by outward appearance. It is also a bit self-centred to assume that, as a pregnant lady, you are the most vulnerable person in the vicinity.

We might be ill. We might suffer from vertigo. We might suffer from lower back problems. We might suffer from blood pressure problems and pass out if we stand. We might have had a dodgy sandwich for lunch and will be sick all over you if we stand and sway around in the aisle. Or we might just be dead tired and can't even see straight after a sleepless night or a bad day at work.

So I plead: do not judge all of us too harshly or think us impolite. Please keep in mind that the person who looks able-bodied might be in a worse state than the pregnant lady.

- Salomien


I just read the article and I found it was a very good read. While myself I have never been pregnant or know how it feels like yet, I know that being pregnant is probably not easy as I have seen my sisters, friends go though it.

I use the My Citi Bus a lot and I am glad to say I have seen some young people stand up and give up their seat to pregnant or old people which is the right thing to do. But I would also like to say society has changed a lot these past few years and people do not care about the next person to them, as we are all so focused on ourselves or phones.

It is sad but there are still some polite people out there, hope more will catch on.


- Mildred 

In my day, my old boy, (RIP) would have given me a klap if I didn't get up if a women entered the room let alone pregnant on a bus.

I can only agree with him, that's how it should be.

- M

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