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Avengers stars praise six-year-old who risked his life to save his younger sister

"People who put the well being of others in front of themselves are the most heroic and thoughtful people I know. I truly respect and admire your courage and your heart."

Development & Behaviour

Local preschool makes Covid-19 safety measures Bear(able) with cuddly secret weapon

"At a time when things are so chaotic, we want to make sure that we are creating a happy, loving and safe learning environment for all our children."


WATCH | 'What's his name, mummy?': Another parent gets interrupted during a live news interview

An expert in Global Health Policy joined the exclusive club pf parents interrupted during a news interview. .

Development & Behaviour

Unlock your child’s future potential with these tips from Takalani Sesame

As a parent or caregiver, you can do a lot to help your child along in their journey of learning through play.

Development & Behaviour

'Courts are not hospitals': Parents and teachers have mixed reactions to reopening ECD facilities

"Every parent can make his or her own decision to send a child to school or not! If you do not want to, you do not have to, but leave those who do not have any other option to make up their own minds."

Development & Behaviour

'The reality for everyone is different': ECD educators respond to Covid-19 safety protocols

"Many ECD centres will either not open at all or open without the required PPE in place."


WATCH: 'Paprika' dance is bringing the world's kids together

The children’s powerful performances, complete with happy smiling faces, offers an encouraging and uplifting distraction from the impact of the global lockdowns.

Development & Behaviour

No furry teddies allowed: What daycares will look like when they reopen

The Department of Social Development (DSD) has issued prescribed Covid-19 prevention protocols to be carried out in daycare and after-school facilities across South Africa.

Development & Behaviour

'Thousands of children at risk': Government urged to announce opening dates for early childhood development centres

"The risk of closure increases each day for scores of ECDs, along with the risk of leaving staff and their families destitute," says Fernandez.

Development & Behaviour

Should your little one return to preschool before the Covid-19 pandemic is over?

The benefits of sending children to preschool are significant, but is it safe?

Development & Behaviour

WATCH | ''s a baking show about baby teeth'

Here's a very different, and rather alarming, suggestion for preserving those baby teeth.

Development & Behaviour

Opinion | The government’s failure to lead the ECD sector needs to be addressed

"...the sector seems like an irritating cousin for the government, one that they do not have the capacity or interest to deal with, so they have just pretended it doesn't exist."


'How dare you flush my poo!' and other weird parenting moments

Familiar situations all parents face at some point.


LISTEN | Your family and Covid-19 masks: What do the doctors say?

As schools open and the kids get out and about more, parents are struggling to keep masks on their toddlers and younger children.


'Peach or brown?' Thanks to a local couple, kids now no longer limited in crayon choices!

"Close enough is just not good enough." Finally, stationery for the skin you're in.

Development & Behaviour

Don’t worry, your child’s early learning doesn’t stop just because they’re not in childcare

They will continue to make meaning of their world as they think, question and play at home.

Development & Behaviour

'Pre-schools should be filled with laughter and love, instead they are empty and silent'

"We are destitute, parents are desperate and children are frustrated: they miss school and interaction with their friends and teachers."


WATCH: Adorable local tot doing the 'Don't eat it' challenge has South Africans crying with laughter

Local mom, Nthabiseng Mathole, could not resist doing the challenge with her tot, Leruo, and the two have got South Africans in stitches.


WATCH: Little Lucia passionately singing No Scrubs by TLC is so adorable

US-based mom Noelle shared a video of her daughter Lucia passionately singing the classic No Scrubs by TLC on Instagram and it has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Development & Behaviour

When are daycares reopening? 'No room to deviate' says DSD

It appears that for now, families need to keep on doing their best in these trying times.


SA’s youngest children missing out on fundamental milestone developments during lockdown

Classrooms lay empty and the playgrounds look bare and abandoned.


READ: How the Windy Mountain became Devil’s Peak

Once, in the days when there were only a handful of houses huddling in the shadow of Table Mountain, a great sailing ship dropped anchor in Table Bay. Read on...

Your Child

Takalani Sesame muppets help educate kids about health habits during coronavirus pandemic

Takalani Sesame muppets demonstrate different situations where children and families should wash hands.

Development & Behaviour

How lockdown has impacted childcare centres in South Africa

99% of operators reported that caregivers have stopped paying fees owing to the lockdown.


Here's what to do with all those empty toilet rolls!

Spaceships, dinosaurs, racecars, unicorns, butterflies, goldfish and more - all emerge from the humble toilet roll, like magic.
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