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3 ways to teach your tot his body parts
Here's how to teach your tot his body parts with a cute nursery rhyme to make learning extra fun.

Does your little one still confuse his elbow with his thumb, or his nose with his chin? Get him familiarised with the different parts of his body (and where they are) in a flash with these creative ideas: 

1. Build a body

Take a large piece of craft or some butcher paper and a black marker or crayon. Lie your tot down on the paper and draw the outline of his body. Then ask him to draw and colour in each body part with your help. Show him your eye, then ask him where he thinks his eye is and to draw it onto his "body". Once he's drawn everything in, go over it all again to see if he remembers it. This game is suitable for older toddlers, closer to age three.

2. Make flashcards

Cut pieces of plain cardboard into rectangular strips. Then cut pictures of different body parts, such as eyes, arms, legs, ears, etc. out of magazines and glue them onto the flashcards. When you show your toddler the cards, name the body part and ask him to point it out on his own body.

3. Sing a song

Put together a little song or rhyme that names the different body parts, together with actions. Sing this with your toddler, getting him to join in the action. By learning the song or rhyme he'll be learning about his body too. We all remember "The thigh bone's connected to the knee bone", don't we?

Here's "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" by the Mother Goose Club:

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