This fed up ‘tooth fairy’ had the best response to a little boy with bad teeth
There you have it – even the tooth fairy wants value for money!
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There you have it – even the tooth fairy wants value for money!

Henry Warren, a London father of three and the tooth fairy’s agent, recently needed to write a formal letter to one of his children, Sam (8), in which he addressed the condition of his teeth.

Barry T. Tooth Fairy told young Mr Warren that payment for his tooth would be delayed due to the condition in which the tooth was found.

"Your tooth has been sent to the committee for further analysis," the letter reads.

There are signs of gas cool drink, breakfast cereal and chocolate found on Sam’s tooth, it continues, and the “company representative” urges the youngster to improve his brushing technique “as a matter of urgency”.

Barry T. Tooth Fairy, however, is not totally without sympathy and informed the child that the tooth would be accepted, but warned the young offender that he may not be as lucky in future.

Henry told Buzzfeed that no one is too young to be exposed to bureaucracy.

Apparently, the department of tooth fairies is also not immune to cost-cutting.

“Barry’s hours are long, the pay is poor (the free dental is obviously a plus) but overall it’s a tough gig," he told Buzzfeed.

Henry’s good relationship with Barry inspired other parents to do the same with their children.


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