WATCH | Kids, learn how to wash your hands properly with these catchy tunes
Learn the lyrics to these cute tunes.
Wash hands properly

Getting kids to wash their hands is easier said than done on a normal day, never mind during a global outbreak of this flu-like coronavirus.

We've got some catchy songs to encourage the younger kids to wash their hands correctly, and for longer than a few seconds! 

See the video above showing the correct technique, to the tune of the Alphabet Song. Sing it twice and your hands will be perfectly clean!

Here's another catchy option to print and put up at the tap: 

Wash Your Hands

More on coronavirus:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided specific steps for washing hands, which are: 

Wet your hands with water; 

1. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces;

2. Rub your hands palm to palm;

3. Right palm over left dorsum (upper surface of the hand) with interlaced fingers, and vice versa; 

4. Palm to palm with fingers interlaced; 

5. Back of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked;

6. Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa;

7. Rotational rubbing backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa; 

8. Rinse your hand with water;

9. Dry hands thoroughly with a single-use towel;

10. Use towel to turn off the tap;

11. Your hands are now clean.

Learn the lyrics to this cute tune on Youtube as you practice the steps above:

And here's another Youtube video that will catch the kids attention:

Print this handy graphic as a reminder of the steps to follow:


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