Development & Behaviour


Development & Behaviour

How to get preschoolers ready to learn math

Doing these activities at home with preschoolers may mean they will get the hang of math more easily in later grades.

Development & Behaviour

Raising a son on your own

More and more moms are raising sons single-handedly. A challenge that can be done, says psychologist Richard Bromfield.

Development & Behaviour

Are my pre-schooler's tantrums normal? A psychologist answers

Lerato Diale, a clinical psychologist, answers a concerned Parent24 reader's question.

Development & Behaviour

Mom of black and white twins says people don’t believe they are siblings

A mom who gave birth to twins – one black and one an albino – says people don’t believe both are hers because of her daughter's different skin colour.

Development & Behaviour

25 words your two-year-old should be saying

By the age of two your tot should be uttering a few words already. Here are some of the more common words he should be familiar with at this age.


Support early education and 'make an even greater impact' this Mandela Day

When you invest in a child’s education, you invest in their future. Even the smallest contribution can impact our current and next generation. You can take #ActionAgainstPoverty, as an individual, team or company this Mandela Day.

Development & Behaviour

7 ways to build your child’s vocabulary

The size of a child’s vocabulary during the early years helps shape language skills later in life. Here are seven things parents and educators can do to help build children’s language and vocabulary skills.

Development & Behaviour

Building the nation with no appreciation: ECD teachers aren’t officially recognised within the NCS

Early childhood development and Grade R teachers aren't formally recognised by the Department of Education, yet they play a crucial role in ensuring children have a strong educational foundation.

Development & Behaviour

Three easy ways you can help your preschooler develop conversation skills

Communication is one of the most important factors in fostering a good relationship. Here are a few top tips from a local principle, designed to get your kids chatting...

Development & Behaviour

Help! My child spends hours every day pretending to be a cat! Is this normal?

When does imaginative play become a concern? We speak to Clinical Psychologist, Tsholo Jood, to find out what is 'normal'...

Development & Behaviour

6 things to look out for when buying high-tech gifts for young children

All tech toys are not made equal! Check out these expert guidelines on what to avoid when purchasing STEM toys for children aged 4 to 7.

Development & Behaviour

10 ways to treasure the little things with your child

Here are 10 little things to always do when spending time with your child to make precious memories for both of you.

Development & Behaviour

WATCH: These pre-schoolers are starting their days the right way

A simple lesson in kindness from a class of 4-year-olds to make your day.

Development & Behaviour

Bilingual or mother tongue? What experts say is best for your child’s development

Many households are bilingual, which may affect a child's linguistic development. Should cultural requirements be put on the back burner for your child's healthy development? Meg Faure weighs in on the subject.

Development & Behaviour

Japan's preschools are using tablets to prep tots for the digital age

Should we introduce digital play in SA schools? Will working on tablets and laptops enhance learning? Well, a preschool in Japan is using smartphone software applications designed for preschoolers in their classrooms, believing if they don't they may just fall behind with all the technological advancements of today.

Development & Behaviour

Japan preschools using tablets to prep tots for digital age

Japan preschool programs use tablets to help prepare tots for the digital age

Development & Behaviour

4 OT sensory box ideas for kids

Ever wondered what Occupational Therapy (OT) sensory boxes are and how your children can benefit from them? Inge Sonn from the Child and Family Studies Unit at the University of the Western Cape weighs in on the issue, plus, here are 4 sensory box ideas for you to create your own!

Development & Behaviour

5 math skills your child needs to get ready for preschool

Here's why it's important to teach our preschoolers simple maths, with a few ideas to get you started.

Development & Behaviour

Why Chrissy Teigen "projectile puked" at Luna's new school

What's the worst thing you've done at your child's school?

Development & Behaviour

Toothbrushes, shoe laces and baths: Milestone guidelines for your preschooler

There are no hard and fast rules for when your preschooler should pick up certain skills but being aware of these guidelines help to keep them on track.

Development & Behaviour

Developmental milestones: 24 to 36 months

All the developmental milestones from 2 to 3 years.

Development & Behaviour

"I feel like I don't exist, she just cries for daddy!"

A mother shares her frustration with her toddler daughter wanting daddy. All. The. Time.

Development & Behaviour

"3 crucial ways daycare centres can improve reading in SA": reader responds

International literacy consultant Thomas Benjamin comments on South Africa's reading crisis by identifying three real obstacles in preschool level - and offering a few solutions.

Development & Behaviour

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire: watching children learn how to lie

It's not a very good deed, but it’s actually a big developmental milestone.
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