Development & Behaviour


Development & Behaviour

"I feel like I don't exist, she just cries for daddy!"

A mother shares her frustration with her toddler daughter wanting daddy. All. The. Time.

Development & Behaviour

"3 crucial ways daycare centres can improve reading in SA": reader responds

International literacy consultant Thomas Benjamin comments on South Africa's reading crisis by identifying three real obstacles in preschool level - and offering a few solutions.

Development & Behaviour

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire: watching children learn how to lie

It's not a very good deed, but it’s actually a big developmental milestone.

Development & Behaviour

Ramadan activities: The Good Deed Jar

Just because your kids are too young to fast doesn't mean they can't get into the spirit of the holy month.

Development & Behaviour

Playing 'school-school' helps prepare kids for 'real school'

Remember 'playing school' or 'school-school'? It turns out it actually encourages us to read and develop a positive attitude towards learning as we grow up.

Development & Behaviour

School at 3? "Let my kids be kids, president Macron"

After French president Emmanuel Macron announced his plans to make school compulsory for children from the age of 3, our readers responded, some agreeing and some wishing we'd just let our kids be kids.

Development & Behaviour

Is your tot addicted to your smartphone?

It may be good at distracting the kids but is it as harmless as you think or should you be worried about how much time your toddler spends on a digital device?

Development & Behaviour

How to help your little one to not be racist

While we know that babies make categorisations based on race, the attitudes that children develop as they grow up are based on what they are taught at a very young age. Nathalia Gjersoe explains one thing that's for sure though: "We are not naturally inclined to be racist".

Development & Behaviour

Children must go to school aged 3, says French president Macron

All children in France and its overseas territories must attend school from the age of 3 from next year.

Development & Behaviour

Are you raising a brat? You have to read this

There’s a thin line between confident and annoyingly entitled, as Margot Bertelsmann discovers

Development & Behaviour

Want to raise a child with a good head for numbers?

Make maths easy for your mini by making mathematical concepts part of your everyday life.

Development & Behaviour

Boost your toddler's brain power by "bridging minds"

Learn about the bridging minds concept and how can you use it to boost your child's emotional, language and cognitive development.

Development & Behaviour

Disciplining your child in public

What do you do if your child flies into a rage in public? Should you give in or discipline them?

Development & Behaviour

Watch what happens when this little girl sings to her brother who has Down syndrome

A mom caught this heartwarming moment on camera and it shows just how powerful music can be. Parent24 spoke to a registered music therapist, Caley Garden, to find out how and why this form of therapy is so beneficial for people with cognitive difficulties.

Development & Behaviour

The most important ways parents can prepare children for school

Reading to children and talking to them about the story helps them love stories and become better readers.

Development & Behaviour

Yes! You can homeschool your preschooler

You don't have to send your child to preschool. They can get ready for big school right at home.

Development & Behaviour

How to help little ones conquer night-time fears

Children with a sensitive temperament are likely to become more anxious.

Development & Behaviour

It happened to me: When your toddler prefers the company of adults

Does your toddler prefer the company of adults over socialising with their peers?

Development & Behaviour

When do children show evidence of self-esteem?

Research reveals that children develop a sense of self-esteem from as early as 5 years old and therefore emphasizes the importance of a parent's encouraging and loving words from a very early age.

Development & Behaviour

The perfect game for a child struggling with their emotions

Emotions can be very big when your kids are very small. This game helps them understand what they're feeling and how to manage them.
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